2022.1| The 5 most favored Word skills boosting your productivity, replenish your office think-tank

March 22, 2022

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Welcome to check the 5 most favored video tutorials of WPS Writer in January, 2022! With these must-have Word skills, you'll soon become an office expert. Let's begin now!

lCustomize Font

When editing your word documents, you may find the default fonts cannot meet your needs perfectly; or you want to input non-English characters,such as Arabic, Thai and Vietnamese, but the current font library doesn't cover the suitable font.

Don't worry! In WPS Writer, you can take initiative to customize the desired font for yourself.

lFormat Painter

Have you ever been annoyed when editing a file where the text formatting is not unified? Are you trying to unify the text formatting line by line?

Here comes Format Painter in WPS Writer to bail you out! Format Painter is a powerful built-in tool in WPS system, helping you quickly apply the same formatting of one paragraph to other texts.

lAdd Footnotes

In an article of standardized format, no matter to add comments, mark references or illustrate information, footnotes is indispensable for enriching your creation.

In WPS Writer, you can quickly insert footnotes within a few steps.

lWord Count

When writing a work proposal, a thesis, or a final summary, we will need to figure out the total number of the characters we've entered or of the selected paragraphs.

The Word Count function in WPS Writer is to speed up your work and study!

lText Tools

When a file is imported from another system, the paragraph layout can be really messy due to incompatibility. At this time, how can we quickly modify the chaos?

Here is a package of solutions offered by WPS Writer, namely Text Tools. With this function, you are able to quickly normalize the layout of paragraphs.

All right! I believe you must have mastered at least one Word skill that is of great practical value for you until now.

Try to apply it to your daily work now!

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