2022 Monthly Calendar Template in Word

August 5, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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There is several 2022 monthly calendar template word available for downloading on the internet. These calendar templates have ample spaces where you can edit and add what you need. These 2022 templates are customizable with the word calendar creator feature. They function very well with different software.

The 2022 calendar templates are available in different varieties and can be customized to fill fit personal requirements. For instance, you can customize a 2022 monthly calendar template word to fit your holiday plan, projects, and several other tasks. These templates have space to add notes and holidays. The template calendars can be used for personal purposes or to manage business projects. You can make a calendar using the online tools or software of your choice.

How to create a 2022 monthly calendar in word

Even if this is the first time you are thinking of creating a personal or business calendar, you need not be afraid. You need to set some time for your simple project.

Steps to follow when using the 2022 monthly calendar template word to create a calendar

Step 1: Have a plan

Just like all other projects you have ever worked on, on your windows or mac computers, a plan is a key. When planning a calendar, think of a template that can support your habit and goals. Have in your mind what you want your calendar to look like. Know what you want your calendar to have and the uses of your calendar.

When creating a monthly calendar you need to choose a template that provides some space where you can state your goals, monthly plan, and your themes.

There are also those unconventional calendars that can help you track habits and monitor monthly performances for your business. Below is an example of a template.

Step 2: Get some inspiration

There is nothing as important as researching what you are about to do. To get some inspirational ideas on how to create a good calendar, take your time and search for ideas on how to create a good calendar. You can peruse the internet about 2022 monthly calendar template word, to get a more inspirational idea.

The best things to give you a good calendar result at the end of your project are the 2022 monthly calendar libraries available online. There are many templates available in the online calendar libraries. Make sure that the template you choose gives you the options suiting your plan. Below are examples of calendar templates.

Step 3: Create a calendar using online templates

Open the word document and hit the ‘File’ >’ New’ and then insert your calendar in the ‘Search’ tab and press enter.

All 2022 monthly calendar template words will be displayed. Among these calendars, you can select a template you want. Now you can click the 'Create’ button.

In the new document created, a dialog box will pop up with a ‘Select calendar Dates’ where you will specify the month you want. After specifying the month and year, you can click 'OK’.

The calendar dialogue box will display showing different dates. Select the date in the calendar dialogue box by pressing ‘Shift+Alt+Enter.'

After the calendar with a specific month and year is created, you can now customize it as per your needs.


With the many 2022 monthly calendar template words available, you can easily create a beautiful calendar inward using the above steps. Calendar templates are customizable and can be modified to suit personal needs. With the help of this article, you can create a calendar using the 2022 monthly calendar template.