2022-word printable calendar template

August 23, 2022

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Calendars are an essential part of life. Calendars are used to set your complete schedule for the week, month, or year. So, calendars of every type are readily available. These calendars are easy to create if you have elegant skills and experience. You can create calendars from the calendar templates. The most significant benefit of calendar templates is that you don't need to enter your complete schedule manually. You have to set it once and use it for the time you want to use it.

There are several 2022-word calendar templates available online at the WPS office. You can use its premium or free version easily. Moreover, these templates are easy to customize.

Here are a few 2022-word calendar templates given below.

1. Business calendar template

These 2022-word calendar templates for business are best used for business purposes. These calendar templates are easy to customize and have unique designs with simple colors.

2. Teamwork calendar template

This 2022-word calendar template is entirely customizable. You can customize its color, design, or font size not only on Word, but it can be editable on every editable software program. These come in different layouts; you can have them for your wall or desk.

3. Business calendar template in red color

The 2022 word calendar template is available online if you want a bold calendar. It gives a professional look, and it has many features to fit your schedule. This calendar template is also editable.

4. 2022 calendar template

The 2022-word calendar template has a minimal design, but it looks unique due to its simple layout. It has different pages and a cover page. Along with the template, this cover page is also customizable.

5. Poster A3 2022 calendar template

This 2022-word calendar template is available in A3 size; you can get this for free. It has multiple colors, but you can choose according to your requirements. The specialty is that you can have a different color on each page.

6. Monthly calendar template

The monthly 2022-word calendar template is easily downloadable and easy to customize. But this calendar doesn’t need to be edited because this calendar template is complete with its unique features. You don't need to do even a single work with it.


7. Weekly calendar template

If you wish to plan your whole week for some reason, this 2022-word calendar template is perfect. You can add your notes to this calendar template just for a reminder. This calendar has enough space to adjust your messages.

8. Appointment calendar template

Suppose you have to visit your doctor for proper health care and forget to remind yourself to go. To resolve this issue, a 2022-word calendar template for an appointment is best for you. You can enter your schedule and will not forget to go.

9. Basic one-month calendar template

This 2022-word calendar template is best for one-month plans. You have to enter your complete details and enjoy them as much as you can. This template is easily accessible.

10. One-year calendar template

This 2022-word calendar template for one year has plenty of designs and more space to adjust your complete one-year plans.


From the templates mentioned above, you will be cleared that all the 2022-word calendar templates are available in the WPS office. You can download the WPS office to have a template according to your wish.