3 basic functions of WPS PDF Editor

April 13, 2022

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Do you know what is WPS PDF Editor? It is one of the components of the WPS Office. It is convenient for us to enhance our work efficiency by using converting formats, editing text in PDF and so on. Additionally, WPS PDF Editor is the only one that can be used in the WPS Office Web. Next, let me briefly introduce to you 3 unbelievable facts about WPS PDF Editor.

What is WPS PDF Editor?

WPS PDF Editor is a reading and processing tool for PDF file formats produced by Kingsoft Office Software Co., Ltd. It is powerful and comprehensive to support multiple annotations, form filling, converting, editing text, and images. What's more, there are some other features, such as word translation, screenshots and comparisons, scribbles, document excerpts, and super annotation mode.

3 basic functions of WPS PDF Editor

Ø Edit Content, crop page, and More

WPS PDF Editor has all kinds of features, including editing text, cropping page, splitting page, header and footer settings and so on. It is the best alternative to editing Word documents because you can directly edit PDF files in WPS PDF Editor.

Ø Comment Feature

In WPS PDF Editor, you can utilizethe Comment feature, such as adding notes, highlighting some text and so on, to share what you want to provide your group members with suggestions or other comments, which is contributes to courses and group work.

Ø Create a signature

In WPS PDF Editor, you can use the Sign feature to create your signature with a single click. What's more, you can also adjust the signature's font and size.

The above is all about the introduction to 3 basic functions of WPS PDF Editor. The following are the advantages of WPS PDF Editor.

What are the advantages of WPS PDF Editor?

Ø Keep the original document formats

When you send the files to other computers, the format of files may be different from the original files. Using WPS PDF Editor can keep the original document formats. In this way, you don't need to worry about the format of files changed anymore.

Ø High security

If the documents include some important information, you can set the password before sending the document to others. In WPS PDF Editor, files can be protected by setting a password.

Ø High applicability

WPS PDF Editor is applicable for all the systems. Therefore, whetever you are checking the PDF files on PC or Mac, or even on IOS and Android, don't worry about whether you can open the PDF files or not.

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