3 methods to delete a page from word

July 22, 2022

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You must discover how to delete a page from Word so that you can print your work easily and without inconvenience. For this reason, you must learn to use this type of function to handle Word perfectly. This way, you will have the ease of knowing what provides how to delete a page from Word a document.

Ideally, you get the right knowledge to know how to delete a page from Word. Below, you will find 3 known methods of how to delete a page from Word easily and quickly.

How to delete an unwanted page in Word?

Suppose there is a blank page at the end or in the middle of your Word document that you have failed to remove. It will be convenient that with several steps, you can get how to delete a page from Word and continue doing your work in this program. You also have the alternative of getting how to delete a page from Word free.

1. First tap on the part of the page you want to delete

2. You must press Ctrl+G in Word or Option Command G + in Mac. You will find yourself in the go to window of the replace and find window. Then type the page where the enter page number text box is, and choose go to.

3. Select the content of your current page. It would help if you pressed the Backspace key.

How to remove a blank page from Word by saving the document in PDF?

Another option to get rid of your blank page is to save the document as a PDF, skipping the last page.

1. Go to File, save as, select a place for you to save your file, and then you must choose PDF to save it as type.

2. Then select Options via the save as dialog

3. Specify all the pages that are not blank, select accept, and then save.

How to use paragraph marks to delete a page in Word?

Know a safe and effective way to delete a page from Word using a paragraph mark. This process will allow you to visualize everything you are deleting easily.

1. Press Ctrl + Shift +8 to enable paragraph marks; using a Mac, you press the command key (⌘) + 8.

2. To delete the empty paragraphs, you must put the cursor before the paragraph mark. Then press Delete in Word.

3. Select where the page break is and then press Delete so you can delete it. So, without complication, you will find out how to delete a page from Word.

If you successfully passed all the methods where it is specified how to delete a page from Word, you can feel like a professional when using Word. If you are also interested in learning how to delete a page from Word on mac, you must look for a guide to obtain new knowledge of this type of function.

If you are a university student, you will surely have to discover how to delete a page from Word 2010 and also how to delete a page from Word 2016 so that you can do your university work. Therefore, at present, you can get the way to effectively how to delete a page from Word online.

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