4 advantages of WPS PDF:vector graphics, Keep print format, high Compatibility, Small volume

March 22, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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PDF editing is usually not free and requires membership, but why do so many people still use PDF? Here are 4 advantages of WPS PDF:vector graphics, unchanged ptinting layout, high compatibility, and small size.

WPS PDF supports vector graphics

The vector graphic,a kind of graph that can be enlarged or reduced without affecting the clarity, has obvious advantages in work, especially in engineering drawings. Vector graphics are often saved as PDF format in WPS.

WPS PDF keeps the original print format

Generally, we will change the document format to PDF format and then print it. Why?

Because PDF files can ensure that the format will not be changed. In the process of retransmission of our Word files, the sender and receiver sometimes use different software or versions to open the file, in which case the receiver may receive a file full of messy code.

WPS PDF stands out for its high compatibility

High compatibility is also one of the advantages of PDF in WPS. We sometimes find that the typesetting of a editable document will change when it is opened on different computers or software. However, no matter how you open a PDF, its typesetting does not change.

WPS PDF files are small in size

PDF file's size is small and supports highly compressed pictures. Pictures of hundreds of MB can be compressed to dozens of MB, which is convenient for us to transfer files.

In addition, we can use the Compress function in WPS PDF to further reduce the file size.

There are so many advantages of the WPS PDF. Use it now!

If you are interested in other functions in WPS PDF, feel free to refer to WPS Academy!

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What is vector graphics?

Vector graphics are a type of image. In WPS Office, we can convert PDF files into vector images. A vector image is a graphical representation of a mathematical object such as a line, curve, polygon, etc. One feature of vector graphics is their high resolution. Such images can be easily changed and the resolution per square pixel remains constant at any level. In contrast, common image formats, such as GIF and JPEG, are pixel-based and therefore cannot be resized without loss of quality. Once vector images are converted to.gif or.jpeg, they lose their original resolution.

WPS Office PDF is a powerful and easy-to-use PDF editor. It provides you with an immersive PDF reading experience as well as stable and reliable PDF editing and conversion services. In addition, WPS Office PDF has many useful functions, such as one-click editing, quickly modifying PDF document content, and supporting dox/pptx/xlsx/txt/pictures and other document formats.