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4 practical tips for Word you must-have in year-end summary and thesis

November 24, 2022

Typing in Word is easy, but knowing how to type is not enough. Theseemingly simple Word can also make you frantic at times. Today we will share with you a few practical Word skills for your year-end summary. Keep it and read later!

1. Proficiency in switching formats

Can you tell the difference between the two year-end reports below? Yes, the left one is more professional. By setting different headings formatted to highlight the priority of paragraphs, the left report looks better layered and more comfortable!

Generally, it takes at least 5 steps to set the text formats: select the text, then the font, the font size, bold, center-align,whcih may invlove lots of details and waste your time. Perhaps you could try the Styles feature.Take the following document as example:Just click Home > Styles , select from Heading1, Heading 2, Heading 3 etc.

The system default format is old and less effective.- click  New style>Modify Style, and you can set the most commonly used fonts, paragraph formats, numberings, and effects for later use.

We can hardly ensure that the formatting of a document is fixed, and it is common to make temporary adjustments to the font and font size. Another advantage of Styles is that whenever a change is made, all content set in this style will be changed simultaneously.

2.Enable navigation mode to get an overview

When finish editing a long document, we can click on View > Navigation Pane to enable the navigation mode and get an overview of the whole contents to search, check, figure out and fix the problems in time. On the left of the page, the headings are arranged in order according to the Contents Level.

Someone may find that there is nothing even after enabling the navigation mode. That's because they didn't set the Contents Level in advance. With WPS Writer (Word), you can set the Contents Level in many ways. For example, the Styles we introduced above sets not only the level of the heading but also the corresponding Contents Level for the paragraph.

3.File splitting and merging

Maybe you have ever collaborated on a document, such as a group assignment in university, a year-end summary across departments... All you need to do is write your own part and merge them together in the end.Don't tell me you are still using the primitive method of copying and pasting the text. Now let's try a more advanced approach!

- Click on Tools > Split or Merge, select Merge and click on Add more files to add the files you need,and we can customize the scale range of your merging.

It is worth mentioning that we can also adjust the order of merged documents by clicking on Move Up or Move Down.Finally, the documents are merged with a swoosh.

4.Track Changes mode

When you submit your year-end summary to your leader for review, there will be amendments. To keep the document clean and avoid losing the previous content, you need this Track Changes function!

- Click on Review > Track Changes to enable the Track Changes mode. After that, every operation we made with the document is tracked, and whether we add or delete content, they are clearly marked on the far right.

- Sure, the markers displayed can be set according to your preferences.Click on Review > Track Changes > Track Changes Options, then you can select the color and format of the mark.

When viewing the revised document, you can click on Next or Previous to switch back and forth between modified paragraphs. If you agree with the changes made, you can click on Accept, otherwise, select Reject to revert to its original content.

The Track Changes mode will record all changes, but the final choice of modifications is in your hands. You can also switch the status of the document at any time, e.g. Final, Original...

Have you learned these 4 skills? WPS Office is dedicated to making your work easier!

15 years of office industry experience, tech lover and copywriter. Follow me for product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for new apps and software.