5 unique features in WPS Spreadsheet

March 22, 2022

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Are you searchign for WPS Spreadsheet? Welcome to WPS Academy to know about the 5 unique features in WPS Spreadsheet enabling you to work more easily and efficiently. It only takes you 5 minutes to master them all. No hesitation and continue to read now!

5 unique features in WPS Spreadsheet

Ø File Collect in WPS Spreadsheet

In the workplace, it's necessary to collect multiple files. Nonetheless, it's always troublesome to collect these files one by one. The File Collect function launched by WPS Spreadsheet is a perfect solution, through which you can create a file folder and send a sharing link to collegues.

Click the following link to check more details:

Unique feature in File Collect

Ø Remove Duplicates in WPS Spreadsheet

When confronted with a group of data, we may be required to delete the duplicates. At this time, the function of Remove Duplicates is definitely a poweful assistant.

Click to see how to use this function in WPS Spreadsheet.

Unique feature in Remove Duplicates

Ø AutoFilter in WPS Spreadsheet

When dealing with a considerable amount of table data, we may need to hide some data temporarily in order that the data of significance can be seen clearly. The AutoFilter function is to meet all your requirements.

More features in AutoFilter

Ø Splitting Columns in WPS Spreadsheet

It's common that we need to split the columns in a table to make the data display more intuitively.

Then we can employ the function of Splitting Columns.

Ø Reading Layout in WPS Spreadsheet

When we arefaced with a large amount of data, it's commonly difficult to locate the desired cells. In light of this, WPS Spreadsheet figures out a solution named Reading Layout function.

Microsoft Excel doesn't support reading mode without plug-ins, while WPS Spreadsheet launched this user-friendly feature.

Unique feature in Reading Layout.

What is WPS Spreadsheet?

WPS Spreadsheet, commonly known as WPS Spreadsheet, is a module of the all-in-one office software, WPS Office suite. In addition to WPS Spreadsheet, WPS Office also includes other 3 modules as WPS Writer, Presentation and PDF editor. With all the basic features of analyzing and processing data, WPSt Spreadsheet is quite comparable to Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, WPS Spreadsheet is committed to providing the users with the best office experience and launches plenty of user-oriented functions for you to explore.

Free download the personal version of WPS Office compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac to free your productivity. Check more advanced office tips and tricks via the abundant tutorials provided by the offical teaching platform WPS Academy. Along with WPS Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation and PDF editor, you're sure to make your work outstanding and comprehensive.