6 Reasons for falling in love with Format Painter

March 22, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

As a must-have tool in WPS Office, Format Painter can be seen in WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet and WPS Presentation.

Many people think the format painter can only be used to repeat formatting. After reading this guide, you will have a new understanding of this nifty tool.

In today’s case, we will take WPS Spreadsheet to illustrate.

· 1. The most basic function: Repeat formatting

It comes as no surprise. The Format Painter can help you copy text and style formatting and paste it to other cells.

All you need to do is:

Select the contents contain the formats you want to replicate and then click Format Painter in the Home tab.

· 2. Repeat formatting a million times

This trick is less well-known yet extremely effective when dealing with a large amount of data. Imagine you need to format a great many non-contiguous ranges of cells, coping the formats one by one would be a nightmare.

Double-clicking Format Painter will make all the difference.

You can press the Escape key to disable it.

· 3. Apply color to alternate rows

When you are facing a table with multiple rows, adding color to alternate rows might be the ultimate way to improve the readability of your table.

The Format Painter can assist you in formatting quickly and well.

Here is how:

Apply formats to the first two rows that follow the headings.

Select Format Painter to apply the formats to the rest of the table.  

· 4. Repeat formatting of entire rows or columns

We may copy and paste the formatting of an entire row or column in the same way we color alternative rows.

Clicking the row number or column letter will help you do that.

· 5. Apply formatting to another datasheet

Within the same workbook, reuniting formatting is quite normal. You can also use the Format Painter to replicate formatting to another worksheet in the same workbook. It's a complete waste of effort to recreate the identical formatting from scratch.

Here is how to do it:

· 6. Combine Format Painter with Find and Place

If you want to copy formatting to the specific contents, you can use Format Painter and Find and Place functions together.

1. Set formatting to one cell.

2. Double-click Format Painter to copy the formatting.

3. Press Ctrl+H to bring up Find and Replace, enter the content and click Find All.

4. Press Ctrl+A to apply the format to all.

After learning todays tutorial, you might have a brand new perspective about how to format and thus improve the aesthetics with the help of  Format Painter.

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Thank you for reading!

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