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A free office alternative to Microsoft Office 365

April 12, 2022

Microsoft Office 365 is a well-known and professional office suite, which requires payments for use. If you are searching for a free office alternative to Microsoft Office 365, then WPS Office would be your best choice. Are you curious about this office toolkit? Read on and know deeply about it.

· Microsoft 365 (office 365 alternative 

We all know that Microsoft 365 is a new version of Microsoft Office. Unlike traditional editions, Microsoft Office 365 is not a one-time purchase, but requires annual or monthly payments. However, you can enjoy the latest upgrade options anytime, anywhere by subscribing to Microsoft office 365.

Microsoft 365, similar to Microsoft Office 2021, includes three separate office tools: Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which are independent applications in use. It offers all the typical and useful functions for users to maximize their work efficiency.

· WPS Office: the best free office alternative to Microsoft Office 365

1. Free to download.

Unlike Microsoft Office 365, WPS Office requires no payment to download. All common users are able to download WPS Office on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux free of charge and enjoy all of its basic and profession functions.

>> Click here to learnhow to download WPS Office on PC for free.

>> Click here to learn how to download WPS Office on Mobile for free.

2. Available to up-to-date version.

After downloading WPS Office, you will always be able to upgrade to the latest version. You don’t need to specially download a new package to upgrade. Instead, you will receive an upgrade notice when using WPS Office whenever there is a new version.

3. Integrated and all-in-one.

As a special office alternative to Microsoft Office 365, WPS Office is an integrated and all-in-one office suite. WPS Office integrates four modules in a single application: WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet, WPS Presentation, and WPS PDF editor. With a lightweight installation package, you can enjoy all the must-have office tools.

4. User-friendly.

WPS Office boasts its concise interface and easy-to-use functions, committed to creating the best user experience. If you have any problem in using WPS Office, you can turn to WPS Academy for help, where you are provided with thousands of video and graphic tutorials.

Are you attracted by such an excellent office alternative to Microsoft Office 365? Without any hesitation, come and download WPS Office for free now:

>> Click here to download WPS Office.

>> Click here to visit WPS Academy.

WPS Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation and PDF editor are always here to help you process the documents. Different systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux are fully supported and welcome!

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