Add drop down list on excel cell

July 25, 2022

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It is time for you to discover how to add drop down list on excel so that you know everything that this well-known tool provides if you frequently make charts in Excel. This way, you will learn how to use the add drop-down list on excel easily.

If you are making some tables in an Excel sheet, it is time that you know in detail and add drop down list on excel so that your work is as expected. Below, you can discover 3 efficient methods that will help you in everything related to add drop down list in excel without any hassle.

How to add a dropdown list in Excel?

If you want to know about add drop down list on excel, it is ideal that you comply strictly with various methods. Look for information on how to add a drop-down list on excel 2019 when needed.

1. Open a document in Excel

2. Select a cell to save your dropdown menu.

3. Navigate to the Data tab at the top of your screen, which is located between Formulas and Review at the top of the ribbon.

4. Click where the data button is.

5. In Settings, find where the menu that says allow is located and select the list of options.

6. Highlight the cells you want to include where your dropdown selection options are, and then click OK. Get advice from an Excel expert to explain how to add drop down list on excel mac.

How to create a dynamic dropdown list?

You can use a unique formula to automatically add a drop-down list on excel when you add an item to the end of the list.

1. Select cell B1 on the first sheet.

2. Then, where the Data tab is, where the data tool group is, click on data validation.

3. Where there is the Allow box, click list. Then click in the Source box and then enter the formula =OFFSET(Sheet2!$A$1,0,0, COUNT(Sheet2!$A:$A),1).

4. Click accept

5. On the second spreadsheet, add just one new item to the bottom of the list.

How to remove a dropdown list?

If you want to learn how to remove a dropdown list in your spreadsheet, follow the steps below.

1. Select the cell that has the dropdown list.

2. Where the Data tab is located, click where this data validation is in the data tool group.

3. Click where it says delete everything and then OK. This lets you know more about how to add drop down list on excel online.

If you have successfully passed all the methods where it is taught how to add drop down list in excel, then you are ready to use this tool. If you want to perfect yourself in this type of function, it is time for you to discover about add drop down list on excel 2016.

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