Add formula in excel column (Step-by-Step)

August 1, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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If you find yourself working on a spreadsheet, you probably need to know add formula in excel for the work to be done correctly. Formula is usually an expression responsible for calculating a cell's value. For this reason, Excel has become a well-known program that offers many benefits so that your projects are what you expect.

You must learn about add formula in excel 2016 with ease and comfort so that you advise your employees on how they should work through their worksheets. Below, you can discover some modern methods to use add formula in excel safely.

How to add a formula in Excel?

If you need to obtain related information on how to add formula in excel, it is essential that with a few essential steps, you can obtain crucial new knowledge.

1. First, you have to select a cell

2. For Excel to understand that you want to add a formula, you have to type the equals sign (=)

3. For example, if you have to type the formula A1 + A2, it is suggested that instead of typing A1 and A2, just select cells A1 and A2.

4. then, change the value of cell A1 to 3; Excel will automatically recalculate the value of cell A3; this is quite a powerful feature of this program.

How to paste and copy a formula?

When choosing a cell, Excel shows what the value or formula is like through the formula bar. You must know when to copy a formula; this program is in charge of automatically adjusting all the cell references for the new cells where the formula will be copied.

1. First, enter the formula, which will be shown in the image below.

2. Choose cell A4, right-click and then click copy so you can learn how this step works and also know how to add formula in excel mac

3. Next, select cell B4, right-click, and click paste in paste options.

4. You also have the option to drag the formula to cell B4 and choose cell A4. Click where the bottom right corner is in cell A4 and then drag it to cell B4; this step is relatively easy.

5. To finish the formula in cell B4, it is responsible for referring to all the values in column B.

How to create a simple formula in Excel?

If you are learning to do calculations in Excel, you must know everything about add formula in excel as quickly as possible. This will make it attractive for you to use add formula in excel 2019.

1. First, you must choose which part the answer appears (B4, for example); this step is quite simple.

2. You must write the equals sign(=), which will help you understand this step quickly.

3. Type the formula you want Excel to calculate (75/250, as an example.

4. Now press enter, and then the value will be calculated, and the formula will be displayed in the cell.

Suppose you have managed to understand everything explained in these modern methods, such as add formula in excel. In that case, you should feel satisfied that you have understood how several modern methods work. This way, you will learn precisely how to use add formula in excel online

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