Adobe Reader vs. Kingsoft Office

March 1, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

For Windows 10 PDF users, Adobe Reader and Kingsoft PDF produced by Kingsoft Office are the two most common PDF processors. Produced by Kingsoft Office, WPS contains Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and PDF.

Kingsoft PDF, a reliable new choice 

When comparing the PDF function produced by Kingsoft and Adobe Reader, Kingsoft office shows some superiority over Adobe Reader. Based on the similar level of support over ongoing product, Kingsoft Office is preferred more for feature updates and roadmaps (Compare Adobe Reader and Mobile and Kingsoft Office).

Easy for all 

Similar to Adobe Reader, Kingsoft Office suits for users from a wide range of industries: information technology, computer software, financial services, education management, and general internet related services. Not to mention how Kingsoft Office PDF fulfills the need of daily usage such as simply read documents in PDF format or convert PDF into other kinds of files.

Powerful functions

In addition, Kingsoft Office is an integrated software toolkit meaning with only one free download all of the useful elements are ready to use. Thus you can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF at the same time rather than download them separately. What’s more, you can convert Kingsoft Spreadsheet directly into PDF or the other way inside of the Kingsoft Office software. Kingsoft Office Suite covers all one may need for office work.

WPS Worth The Trust 

In the rating between Adobe Reader and Kingsoft Office hosted by (software scoring authority website) Kingsoft Office was rated slightly higher than Adobe Reader on each criteria such as “ease of use”, “quality of support”, “ease of doing business with”, and “product direction” etc.

Unlike Adobe Reader, Kingsoft Office offers more than PDF. It is an organic combo of Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office where Kingsoft Office puts them together in WPS. The interface being clean and ease to manage, users who were familiar with Microsoft Office was even surprised by how “Office-like” Kingsoft Office is.

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