All you want to know about the spring is right here!

February 14, 2022
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In your mind, which color can represent spring? Someone said green, because plants reborn in spring. Someone said orange because the warmer temperature is the sign of spring.


We have suffered a gray outbreak period and its time to prepare for spring. WPS Office Template also makes some efforts to welcome spring. We have made a Back to Spring theme template that includes most of the spring color to make your day during work. Lets see where can we use the WPS Office template

· Planner

A whole years work depends on a good start in spring. Spring is the best season to plan for your whole year. Have you prepared your new year’s plan?


I prefer to make plans in spring, its even better than new Year's day. Because new year's day is cold, I was always feeling down and upset. When spring comes, weather becomes warmer, I will become more motivated. said one of our WPS Office colleagues.


A better plan template can help you manage your plan more logically and tidy.

Tips: Click the picture to apply the template.


· Make a poster

Springtime should have plenty of activities:D. After carefully prepare for every activity, an attractive poster is a finishing touch for every activity.

(The attached template was so amazing, you can also directly print it out and post it on your bedroom wall as a decoration!)

Tips: Click the picture to apply the template.



· Prepare for teaching and presentation

Due to the COVID-19, students and workers mostly study or work online, some parents complain about their kids are inattention when attending online courses. If you are a teacher, all you need its to use beautiful and colorful templates to attract students attention. And if you are a worker, how to impress your boss when present a work report online? An impressive presentation template seems important.

Tips: Click the picture to apply the template.

4.jpg Teacher

5.jpg Business


Spring is in the air, and everything will be better from now on.

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