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October 28, 2022

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How to use WPS PDF editor?

Is there any way, or easy-to-use free software, to modify and edit PDF documents online for free? Some people have downloaded several software, all of which are paid, or can only modify one or two pages for free. If you modify it in word and convert it to pdf, the format may change. Especially the paragraphs that have been typeset with great difficulty, it is easy to cause problems when imported into word. There are still many people looking for editors to solve the problem of format conversion or edit PDF online for free.

So here is a pdf editor for you. This PDF editing tool can perfectly solve many problems. This software is called WPS OFFICE, it is one of the best office software, it contains tools such as word, rxcel, ppt, pdf, etc. When you download WPS office, you can use WPS PDF editor. This WPS PDF tool contains a lot of functions, and the problems mentioned above can be solved.


How to use WPS PDF editor?

1. Edit text

You can add text or pictures to PDF pages, or draw doodles, circles and arrows, signatures or stamps, and highlight passages. When you select Edit Text, click on the content, a text box will appear, in which you can enter or change the text content. When you select Add Image, you can add images to the PDF page, and you can zoom, select, and crop the images in the editing state.

2. Edit page

WPS PDF includes page editor and page cropping functions, which can further complete other PDF operations. In the page editor, you can create new pdf pages, or delete pages. You can also insert pages, insert a PDF page before or after another page, or insert content from another PDF file. You can also add page numbers to pages so you know how many pages this PDF file has.

3. Crop the page

You can use this Crop function to crop the saved PDF file just like cropping a picture. After selecting the function, there will be a cropping frame, after the frame is selected, you only need to press the Enter key to complete the cropping. Before you crop, it is recommended to copy a few more pages of the original page, because only the frame selection will remain after cropping. In order to avoid operation mistakes, you can save the original file before cropping.

Finally, when you're done editing the PDF file online for free, don't forget to save it. You can save the file to the folder you set, or directly overwrite the original file. Of course, the WPS PDF editor not only has editing functions, but also converts file formats. Whether it is other formats to PDF, PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, PDF to image, or even exporting all images in PDF, it can be achieved.

For workers or students, this WPS Office is very useful. You can download it on all your devices, be it pc or mobile. It supports windows, macos systems, as well as mobile phones and tablet devices. Download now and get a free membership. Go ahead and try it.