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April 8, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Office, the most famous office suite in the workplace, has captured most of the office market since its release. But there are still many other excellent rival office suites rapidly developing, among which WPS Office is an unmissable free office alternative to Microsoft Office.

· What is WPS Office, the best free alternative to Microsoft Office?

WPS Office is one of the most popular, cross-platform, high performing, all-in-one, yet considerably more affordable solutions in the world. It integrates all office processor functions such as Word, PDF, Presentation, Spreadsheet in one light-weight application, and is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Doc, and Adobe PDF format.

WPS Office is described as one of the best smallest-size and all-in-one complete free office suites out there. It's available on Windows PC, MAC OS, Linux, Android and iOS. It also supports many languages apart from English.

· Why is WPS Office an unmissable alternative to Microsoft Office?

1. Free to download.

WPS Office offers free download to users, which indicates that all users can use the basic functions provided by WPS Office without any payments. Only the advanced functions require subscription, and it’s all up to you.

2. Four-in-one and integrated.

Unlike Microsoft Office, WPS Office integrates four modules in one application, which is much more convenient for users to enjoy the functions and improve work efficiency. You can open and edit files in one application and quickly switch between them.

3. Ready to help you.

In addition to provide professional office services, WPS Office also offers free office skills tutorials in its official site WPS Academy. Both video and graphic tutorials are available free of charge. With these learning resources, you are sure to get command of the basic office skills and grow from a beginner to a pro.

Of course, the advantages of WPS Office go far beyond what we mentioned the above. You are recommended to get close to the best free alternative to Microsoft Office, and know further about it. 

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Free download the best alternative to Microsoft Office in WPS Office official website right now. Enjoy the best office services and rich functions specially for you. Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation and PDF editor are all available.

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