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December 6, 2022

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Characteristics of the WPS JPG to PDF Converter Tool
How to use WPS Office to convert an image to a PDF file

Are you looking to convert your JPG files to PDFs? You'll need the best free multiple images to PDF converter. When it comes to simple activities like converting images, the majority of people desire an easy, quick solution that is also free. In this situation, a JPG to PDF converter software free download is truly free and user-friendly.

The best JPG to PDF converter software is available for free download from WPS Office Software and is free multiple images to PDF converter that enables the conversion of PDF factors. Although JPG is in the name, a broad range of image formats are supported. Because so many organizations rely on PDF files for security and authenticity, a lot of people use free converters to assist with scanning and converting photographs and scans.

Characteristics of the WPS JPG to PDF Converter Tool

The online JPG to PDF converter tool was created with the goal of providing the best outcome in the least amount of time possible since it will automatically create PDF from images while preserving the original resolution. Let's explore this fantastic tool's more features and benefits:

The WPS Office PDF utility program works independently to convert JPG to PDF and is compatible with all operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, and even mobile.It works without even requiring you to install anything on your computer. All you need to convert JPG to PDF online is a dependable internet connection, but you can also download the WPS Office to convert JPG to PDF offline.We won't dirty your paper with intrusive watermarks, despite the fact that the tool to convert photos to PDF is free. This free application, which is included with the WPS PDF converter tool, outperforms the bulk of JPG to PDF converters.

The user-friendly and straightforward interface of the WPS PDF utility makes instant JPG to PDF conversion feasible.The WPS PDF converter is the ideal tool to utilize when turning your JPG files into PDFs. Totally free! Conversion is completed quickly and precisely.Because our tool is online, you can visit the WPS website whenever you want and from any place. There are no time or other limits, so use it anytime you like.Your JPG file is converted into a PDF with all the features of a high-quality PDF while maintaining the JPG's quality. The game is still not over, though, because you may still alter that file with WPS PDF tools.

How to use WPS Office to convert an image to a PDF file

In almost every aspect of our everyday lives, we employ powerful PDFs. People may easily use and download WPS PDF Converter for free.

Here, we'll use a WPS presentation as an illustration. The same applies to WPS Writer and WPS Spreadsheet as well.

Start the WPS Office.Click Picture to PDF after choosing the Tools tab. A Picture to PDF dialogue box will appear after that.In the dialogue box, click the Add button. Then, using Add Pictures, we can select the image we want to include.Although we won't go into great depth here, we can also change the settings in this interface. You are welcome to enroll in our WPS Academy for more details and to view additional related videos.After that, choose Export PDF and then Convert.


When you have access to all the easy tools, like the free JPG to PDF converter program, you no longer need to distribute documents in JPG picture format or with large file sizes. Download the free tools from the WPS PDF website and the top JPG to PDF converter software, either online or offline, to make document sharing simple and quick. The best part is that once you create a new WPS PDF account, you'll get a free trial that gives you full access to all of our PDF services and products for a period of seven days.