Best Online Word Birthday Card Template

August 23, 2022

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The term birthday card refers to a greeting card sent or delivered to someone on their birthday. People's preferences for birthday cards vary, almost like with birthday cakes. For many, receiving a word birthday card template is a kind of personal touch. Additionally, it is the most common way of showing someone you care for them. WPS Office will provide free online Docs, Pdf, and templates that can easily be edited.

Giving a typical birthday card with a smaller gift card that says happy birthday to the receiver is also acceptable, especially if you're not connected with them. Here are the best 10 free-to-download word birthday card template designs available online:

1.Baby Birthday Invitation Card Template

A baby is a valuable treasure for any parent. The birthday invitation card meets the essence of happiness and joy as the baby grows up and turns out more excitingly.

2.Gold Pink Birthday Card Template

A gold-pink-colored birthday card for a person should express the syrup of whole love with ecstatic feelings. These colors make you smile all day as your day is blissful for them.

3.White Birthday Card Template

Love cannot be expressed with heartfelt thanks and many feelings of love.  So, express sincere wishes to your near ones on their birthday by pressing them with this white birthday card.

4.Warm Color Birthday Invitation Card Template

It's easier to come up with something short, straightforward, and valid when you relax! If you celebrate your birthday once a year, send them a warm color birthday invitation card.

5.Yellow Birthday Invitation Card Template

It's best to put the yellow color on the card to make it look like the first birthday. This yellow birthday invitation card template has all the information that should be on a perfect invitation

6.Orange Yellow Birthday Invitation Card Template

This birthday invitation card template is covered with multiple color backgrounds. All elements in this orange, and yellow birthday invitation card template are available to edit for free.

7.Blue Yellow Birthday Party Invitation Card Template

Let this elegant blue yellow birthday party invitation card  template show your identity and taste for a birthday invitation. Simply go for more designing elements in WPS templates for customizing the template in a minute.

8.Golden Black Birthday  Invitation Card Template

Do you love this golden black birthday invitation card template? If yes, you can own it right away! Click the download button to instantly get this beautiful invitation card template and write your own words on it. Come and use it now!

9.Geen Cute Birthday Invitation Card Template

The cute green birthday invitation card template allows you to edit it to your liking. If you don't like this template, you can design a new birthday card on your own with a large collection of birthday templates.

10.Pink Birthday Invitation Card Template

Invite your friends or family members to a pink birthday invitation card. Make your birthday party more joyful and attractive. Pick our birthday card template and edit it.


If you need an inexpensive free-to-download word birthday card template, use the WPS office to create your own template. The software's user-friendly design features enable you to make a personalized birthday card easily. This software enables you to write your remarks even if you cannot discover the perfect card to express your sentiments toward the other person.