Best Resume Examples To Secure Your Next Job

August 9, 2022

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Are you looking forward to acquiring your dream job? Well, stepping into a marketplace is difficult in itself, but sometimes securing a job can be trickier than you think. Everyone aspires to be the best version of themselves, gaining the appropriate education and attaining the required skills that help them to secure their desired position in any company. Amongst the intense competition, a well-presented resume truly sets a person apart from others.

If you are looking for the best resume examples that represent your skills in a way that sets you apart from the others? You are just in the right place. Now, as you might be aware, a resume is the communication medium between you and the hiring department of the company. It acts as the bridge that transports all the abilities you have to offer to the company. So it is essential that you have the most adequate and precise resume that speaks for your talents.

Here we will guide you and explain the procedure of creating a proper resume with the aid of the very best resume examples.

The Basic Things To Keep In Mind While Writing a Resume:

There are different methods of approaching a resume. Even the best resume examples for internships, best resume examples for software engineers, or any other field requires a consistent base. The major purpose of a resume is to make the reader aware of the applicant's abilities; hence the main focus of the resume must be on the objective, the qualification, previous experience, and the contact information of the applicant.

1. Objective:

The objective of the applicant must be clear. They must be clear as to which post they are applying for.

2. Qualifications:

Their qualification must be clear-cut and match the requirements of the company.

3. Past Working Experiences:

Previous job experiences with different companies should be mentioned. Emphasis on eye-catching abilities and skills can suffice the lack of experience.

4. Contact information:

The contact information of the application should be mentioned. If you mention your information precisely, it is easy for the hiring manager to contact you among the short-listed pile of resumes.

How Do You Create a Convincing Resume?

A good resume encourages the recruiting team to further look into a candidate. There are many steps that ensure that the resume created has a high chance of selection. The steps include:

1. Choosing An Adequate Format:

We will discuss three major types of formats. You may choose any one of the resume formats that suit your choice qualification description best.

1). Reverse Chronological Resume Format:

The most traditional type of resume requires you to write your previous working experiences in a timely order. Keep in mind the work experiences you mention must be relevant to the job you are applying for. We have attached a sample below:

2). Functional/ Skill-based Resume Format:

This pattern of resumes brings the attention of HR managers towards the skill rather than the experience of the candidate. This pattern works best for people who are just getting their feet wet in the workspace. You can get an idea from the given below sample:

3). Combination Resume Format:

As the name suggests, a Combination Resume is the combination of the Reverse Chronological Resume Format and Functional/ Skill-based Resume Format. The emphasis on skills and experience in this format is neck and neck. These are the most commonly used and well-recognized patterns of resumes. In fact, they form the basis of the best resume examples available as guidance. Here’s an example below:

2. Presence Of Resume Title:

The headline on the newspaper catches the reader's attention immediately; the same is the purpose of a resume title. A resume title must be interesting enough for the HR manager to be intrigued, and he is urged to bring your application into consideration. The best resume examples have the most precise and meaningful resume titles. For example, if one is applying for a job in a bank, they can frame their resume title as Masters of Business and Accounting Graduate with Three Years of Working Experience. “Furthermore, you must include your personal information like your Email address, contact information, Current photo, Nationality, and any other thing that the company deems as necessary. Personal information should be carefully entered as an error can result in your application being discarded.

3. Professional Summary:

A Professional Summary is basically a compilation of the talents and ambitions of the candidate. This part of the resume must be very concise and easy to comprehend as a lot of the recruitment conditions are based on it. Best resume examples also include the goals a candidate wants to achieve working alongside the company and what skills he has to provide to the organization. These key points will help you toward getting your desired post and makes the hiring process quite smooth.

4. Educational Credentials:

The next important thing is to mention the educational background of the candidate and the institution where the degree was attained from. As obvious, this point to take the start after the introduction as the most important thing the recruiting manager wants to have a look at. The highest degree in the first row could be a selection point for the said post, and the other details may remain negligible. Moreover, best resume examples encourage applicants to include the side courses they have taken if they correspond with the applied. Experts say that social media marketing, digital marketing, and communication are among the courses recruiters have a keen eye on.

5. Mention Your Market Exposure:

Most of the jobs require some previous market experience to get hired. Experience in renowned institutes would be an additional attraction for the HR department. But even if the candidate lacks sufficient prior experience, there are still chances to stand out from the rest through your objective, as you have mentioned, the words you have chosen, and the depth of your interest in the field, and later through the communication skills.  

6. Highlight Your Skill Competencies

Today, the market is advancing day by day, and the requirements regarding the job are not limited to your academic background. So it is necessary to include your skills as more and more skill-based posts are floating in the market these days. Most such jobs require high skill-based to moderate skill levels. Best resume examples tend you to mention each and every skill which you have learned alongside your degrees as long as they have a relation with said job. Knowing multiple languages, understanding computer systems, and any other soft skills are valuable skills that can set your resume apart from the others. It will give a unique impact to your resume that you are an all-rounder. Hobbies that may align with the company’s requirements and policy should also be mentioned. Mentioning your hobbies makes you come across as more adaptable and easy-going.

7. Tell Them About Workshops And Certifications:

The world has become a global village. Excess to remote knowledge, news, and research is as easy as ABC. Hundreds and hundreds of paid courses and certifications related to your field are available at your doorstep as soon as you open your laptop. Such certification adds some extra spice to your resume and makes it one of some most appealing resumes. If you have time, you go up to Google and take up any of the millions of courses it has to offer to add it to your resume. A resume showing some extra work you have done will always make you an extraordinary person whether or not you did well in that workshop. The resume will do well when you mention your extra work in it.

What Steps Can An Undergraduate Follow In Creating Their Resume?

Undergraduate students must follow the same basic constituents of a resume and consult the best resume examples provided to them. However, some distinct differences are be further elaborated:

1. Emphasis On Field-Related Skills 

Keep your focus on the work-related skills and the skills that may be valuable to the institution. Undergraduate students have more scope in the field of sports, arts, management, teaching, restaurant, internet-related jobs, and free-lancing. Make sure to mention your skills on your resume, and they may land you a deal. You need to work on grooming yourself and your talent to make you acceptable and to make you unique in the field that corresponds to your talents. Best resume examples for undergraduates mostly include co-curricular activities.

2. Mention Your Volunteer Work

Mentioning your volunteer work shows one's dedication and ambitions. Moreover, volunteer work is related to experience, which many a time even the most qualified applicants lack. With the shift in the market value and priorities, moral values and creative ideas are equally welcomed as academic qualifications.

How To Build a Resume?

  • Language should be formal.

  • It should be 1 – 2 pages long.

  • It should be precise and concise.

  • It should have comprehensive information regarding you.

  • It should not contain any information which is not correct.

  • It should not contain any information for which you don't have any supporting document.

  • Headings should be bold and highlighted.

  • Your personal information (contact number, email ID, SKYPE ID) should be correct.

  • Format should remain simple and professional.

  • Margin lines, smileys (emoticons), and informal slang should not be the content of any resume.

  • Adding your current picture will definitely have a good impact.

  • A proper sequence should be followed.

  • Keep more important and valuable things in the beginning.

  • A professional font should be used.

  • If it is a printed resume, use high-quality paper.

Best Resume Examples And Templates

For an even better understanding, some templates are mentioned and explained.

1. Resume for Nurse:

This resume is for the post of a nurse. In this resume, the first and foremost thing that is mentioned is the personal information (Date of birth, Nationality, Contact Number, Email, Gender, and Location). Following this, the qualification and institutes are mentioned. An elaborate account of previous work experience, which includes the different institutions, the post, and the details of the job one was or is associated with. Lastly, skills valued for the job, like leadership skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills, are mentioned. This is one of the best resume examples in terms of format and sequence of information. Here is how it looks:

2. Simple Work Resume:

This resume starts off with the personal information of the applicant. An eye-catching resume title and a current picture are included, which makes the resume worth reading from the beginning. Then the applicant is encouraged to write a brief introduction of themselves as well as a professional summary which is followed by their previous jobs. Then the academic credentials are mentioned along with a certificate adding more to the educational background. A chart is accommodated to show some extra skills acquired by the applicant. This resume is quite a creative turn to a traditional resume. A resume like such is very appealing and stands out of the lot. It will cater to the attention of the HR team, and there are high chances of the person getting selected if the information matches the potential of the person.

3. Simple Resume For Jobs:

Go simple! This template is one of the simpler ones, as is evident from the very corporate font and clear design. It starts off with very basic information about the applicant. Then a brief account of the professional summary is followed by the previous work experiences. It is all comprehensive, and it gives all the information the employer requires from the employee in one sight. Some corporate managers have a very simple and to-the-point resume without any elaboration because this could give a quick step to short-list a few out of many. Further elaborations could be taken from the candidate during a one-to-one discussion. So simple and easy could be a good technique to be in the eyes of the HR team. This is one of the best resume examples that are easy and good to go. Let’s see how it looks:


The resume is a connection between employer and employee. The employer will create a complete judgment of you by seeing your resume. He will create a certain level of expectation on the basis of this piece of paper. It is the first connection between the two strangers, so it should be very important to generate more meaning for the relationship. So now, here are you good to go with all the details shared for a promising resume. If you want even more details and an explanation regarding this matter, check out WPS Academy. You can get free tutorials and various affordable courses where professionals and experts in the field of hiring can further guide you.

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