Best tips to write an objective statement for Resume

August 22, 2022

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Who needs an objective statement?
Why do you need a strong objective statement for resume?
How to write a results-driven objective statement?
Things to avoid while writing an objective statement
Ten objective statements that will make your resume stand out

An objective statement for resume can play a huge part in showcasing your skills and talents that align with your requirements for the position you are applying for. Your Objective statement is the pitch of your resume; it tells the employer about your goals for employment.

Objective statements get less important than they deserve, mainly because they are hard to write, even harder to write well. If you don’t do it rightly, they are just like generic information that doesn't tell much about the applicant. At its peak, an objective statement for resume makes your CV stand out.

A well-written objective statement will tell the recruiter that you are the right candidate for the job; you will not want to miss this opportunity, right? But still, some people do not value objective statements; if you are one of them, this article is for you.

Who needs an objective statement?

An objective statement can give life to your job search. With a well-crafted career objective statement, you can be in the top options for the recruiter to choose from. Objective statements are equally important for everyone, but they are significant for a few job seekers:


When you graduate, that's the time when you have the most energy and will to change the world, but that's also the time when you have the least practical experience. So you need something to make your resume attractive; that's where your objective statement comes in. A job search can be challenging, especially your first one; when you try to comprehend what the employer might think of you, an objective statement takes care of all this. 

Returning to job

Let suppose you have left your job since long time ago, then a good objective statement for your resume is for you. What have you been up to, and what have you learned, and share your life experiences with the recruiter.

The career changer 

Making a significant change in your career, you deserve applause for this courageous effort. This also means that there lie ahead a lot of challenges for you. Don't forget to include a best objective statements for resume, which clearly states the reason behind your field switching. Just try to be as normal in your tone as possible.


Why do you need a strong objective statement for resume?

Here are some reasons why you should include a good objective statement in your resume;

Grab attention:

The average recruiter spends less than a minute reading your resume for a single job posting. So it is imperative to include something in your resume to catch the employer's attention. This is where an objective statement will save you. You can easily convince the employer that you are qualified for the job by placing an objective statement at the top of your resume.

Use specific words or phrases:

Before writing an objective statement you must read out the job description thoroughly. Do understand what the company is demanding from employees. Prepare a mind map and layout data to put in your objective statement. Use all specific keywords and phrases related to your job description.

In every multinational company, resumes are submitted through applicant tracking systems. Upon scanning your resume, it searches for specific keywords; if one appears in your resume, it is selected for further consideration; otherwise, it is not. Your resume will be able to move to the next stage if you include those keywords in an objective statement.

Showcase your strengths: 

The objective statement is a good place to highlight some of your primary skills. For instance, you have worked in HR for over ten years and have worked for a multinational corporation for five years. By writing an objective statement like the one below, you can make it easier for an employer to find out your skills and experience;

I am a human resources professional with over ten years' experience, eager to join a growing multi-national company.

How to write a results-driven objective statement?

A strong objective statement for resume is not easy to write, even difficult to write well. This is the main reason why most people ignore them. You have a chance to grab the opportunity that others have overlooked. In this how-to guide, I will tell you how to write an effective objective statement that can prove vital in your next job search.

An effective objective statement is structured in three main parts:

· What you are

· your offerings to the company

· How will you contribute to the company’s objective

Sounds much easier now, right? To make it even easier, follow our tried and tested tips below to write an objective statement.

Job description analysis

Whenever you apply for a job, make sure your objective statement fits the company and the job you are applying for. Consider everything the company is looking for in a candidate when creating your good objective statement for resume.

Recruiters like to see that you have made an effort in research to write the resume. They also want to know a candidate who can work for them for longer, and you can show them this through your well-crafted objective statement.

Customize your Job

When you are applying for jobs, you should tailor your career objective statement rather than coming up with an all-purpose statement that you can use throughout your career. If you are applying for a specific employer or job type, you should change the objective to reflect your specific interest in that position. Your resume will be more likely to be considered for a job if you avoid a vague resume objective, which makes it difficult for the employer to tell what type of position you are seeking.

Sell yourself

A resume should be aimed at selling yourself to an employer. It is not necessary to write an objective for your resume that highlights how the job will benefit you. Focus on the type of work you want to do rather than improving your skills or gaining more experience. I believe that the employer hires people to do the work on their behalf - not the other way around.

Use third person

It is recommended to write the career objective statement in the third person on your resume. It is entirely too informal for a resume to draft objectives in the first person (I, me, my, etc.). The resume should be drafted as a formal business document that reflects your level of professionalism.

Find out your distinctive qualities

Next, you must find out what unique properties you possess that can benefit you in that specific job. Write some personality traits that make you the best fit for this job. For example, if you are applying for the position of an HR professional, you can quote skills like “Good negotiator,” etc.

Be to-the-point

If anybody asked what an objective statement's essential quality is, it would probably be its preciseness. You have 2-3 sentences to make him read the rest of your resume. Recruiters always want to know you without wasting time. How can you retain their attention on your resume? Yes, precisely describe yourself, your experience, your qualification, your skills, and whatever you have learned in your life.

Place it on top

Since we are using our career objective statement for resume to grab the attention of the recruiter, so we must find a suitable position for it as well. An excellent place for it would be at the top, right behind your name.

Choose right formatting

Besides placing it on top, you also need correct formatting for your objective statement. Consider bolding or italicizing the font or altering the font size or color to make your resume stand out. All we want is a noticeable objective statement without altering the whole structure of your resume.

Things to avoid while writing an objective statement

Keep in your mind, that your objective statement reflects your personality. So take too much care while writing a good objective statement for resume. Now let me tell you to avoid these practices while writing your carrier objective:

Never use weak action verbs

A group initiative wasn't led by you. A spearheading role was yours. Your bullet points should always begin with strong power verbs, not weak ones such as helped or assisted.

Ensure Proofreading

I really like how you edited and refined your resume. Get help from family and friends if you need it. Even professional writers and authors hire editors to proofread and edit their work.

It is easy to think you understand what you have written after writing it! We all make mistakes sometimes and make suboptimal writing decisions that we can't fix by ourselves. There is no doubt that this is the most crucial step of all!

Don't point out the obvious

Even though you think you will cover all the bases, everyone already assumes you are familiar with WPS office. It makes no sense to mention that you know English if you have lived all your life in an English-speaking country. Instead, focus on more impressive technical skills on your resume.

Be sure to mention your knowledge of a second language, as it has become a very sought-after skill.

Ten objective statements that will make your resume stand out 

Here are some objective statement templates:

· An experienced software engineer with a passion for being part of your team. I am interested in helping XYZ Inc develop market-leading software.

· A vibrant grad in BA mass communication from XYZ university, with experience of writing for a local newspaper, looking for the post of the content creator for XYZ startup

· I am an experienced marketing professional looking for a lead marketing role at XYZ.

· Skilled mathematics graduate, looking for the post of math tutor at XYX school, have to experience teaching algebra during my university time

· 3rd year marketing student looking to be a junior marketer at ABC; looking forward to increasing my exposure and serving ABC’s prestigious clients with my knowledge of SEO and SEM,

· A hardworking and self-driven professional seeking to offer communication and teamwork skills at ABC to increase their business. My far-sightedness and problem-solving skills will ensure that each guest looks forward to their next visit.

· Data engineer fueled with high-quality results and an internship that relied on python. I believe this pairs very well with my passion for analytics and creative solutions so that I can exceed expectations at ABC inc.  

· I motivated business administration student looking for the position of administrative assistant at ABC inc to utilize my organizational and research skills. 

· Having created over fifty websites as a freelancer, I am now seeking an agency to use my skills.

· With a relentless work ethic and a new data science degree, I am eager to apply my knowledge and experience during my academic journey at ABC inc. 

Let's learn with the best templates

If you are in hurry and don’t have proper resume formate, WPS office presents ready made recipe for you. You are to simply customize it and write down your objective statement with in few minutes.

1. Minimalist Business Resume 

Are you business student? Eager to get your first job? Land on this resume template. Lucrative resume design with impressive objective statement will make your CV stellar.


2. Java Engineer Resume

Being professional java engineer, your ultimate priority is to be first choice of hiring manager. But can you do this without impressive resume template. Brainstorm in writing your best objective statements for resume and put all ingredient over below mentioned template. 



The objective statement has its importance and can help you in appearing in an interview, but the technical knowledge of your field will get you forward from there, so focus on that too. If you want o get your first job, your objective statement is your advocate to impress the hiring manager. If you are looking for a job change, the objective statement will explain the reason behind this.

To grab the attention of hiring managers, always put relevant keywords, your strength, and your experience in your objective statement. Use proper format, write it precisely, be specific and place it at the top after your name. 

Before writing your resume, the most important thing is your resume template. WPS office presents you unlimited pre-designed template to cater to your needs. You are to just visit WPS academy and choose the right resume format and customize your career objective statement for resume in no time. If you want unlimited templates download WPS office and customize your favorite template. Good Luck!