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Best XLS Reader Online Download for Pc, Linux and Mobile

April 4, 2023

WPS Excel Viewer, the Greatest Free Web Viewer

The WPS xls reader online download is a no-cost software of WPS Office that lets you open and examine Excel files without installing Microsoft Excel. In the scenario that you don't have Microsoft Excel loaded on your device, or if you're just on the go, you can use WPS xls reader online download to quickly and easily view and work with XLS, XLSX, and CSV files. Users can quickly and easily zoom in and out, look for particular data or values, and travel through spreadsheets thanks to the intuitive and well-designed UI. Additionally, WPS xls reader online download allows you to print and duplicate Excel files, making it a flexible and useful tool for anyone who works with spreadsheets. Most notably, it can be downloaded for nothing, making it easily attainable to anyone who requires a trustworthy xls reader online download.

Powerful Functions of WPS Spreadsheets

Kingsoft Corporation's WPS Spreadsheets is a popular xls reader you can download online. Included in its basic and deluxe offerings are the following:

Basic Features

  1. WPS Spreadsheets is compatible with many different file types, including OpenDocument, CSV, and Microsoft Excel. It's simple to view and make changes to files made in other applications.

  2. With WPS Spreadsheets, you can open and edit numerous files within a single workbook. It's simple to move between pages and arrange your data in a sensible and understandable structure.

  3. Complex computations are no problem with the broad variety of formulas and tools available in WPS xls reader online download. Mathematical, logical, and other more complex operations like finance and economic ones are included.

  4. Graphs and Charts: To better understand your data, WPS xls reader online download lets you make high-quality graphs and charts. Column, line, graph, and bar plots are just some of your options.

  5. To help with data analysis, WPS Spreadsheets provides features like filtering, categorizing, and clustering. Data sets of any size can now be quickly and easily manipulated and analyzed with the help of these tools.

High-End Premium features

  1. Included in the Premium version of WPS Spreadsheets is a feature called Pivot Tables, which can be used to quickly and effectively summarize and analyze huge quantities of data. It is easy to make graphs and charts from your data with Pivot Tables.

  2. Using the data checking features of WPS Spreadsheets Professional, you can check that all of your information is correct and consistent. Rules can be made to check that only legitimate numbers, times, and texts are entered.

  3. You can build and evaluate alternative outcomes based on your data with the help of the Scenario Planner, which is included in the Premium version of WPS xls reader online download. Forecasting, planning, and other forms of research can all benefit from this.

  4. Support for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Macros lets you automate repetitive chores and conduct complex calculations with ease in WPS xls reader online download. Thanks to Visual Basic for Applications templates, WPS Spreadsheets can be tailored to the user's precise requirements.

  5. The premium version of WPS Spreadsheets is compatible with online storing solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Thanks to this, you can store your files and view them from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Finally, Why You Should Get the WPS Spreadsheets

WPS Spreadsheets is a powerful xls reader online download to view Microsoft Excel and other Excel formats file, thanks to its extensive feature set. Spreadsheet files can be opened and edited without any hassle because it is compatible with Microsoft Office documents. Also, WPS Spreadsheets has more options for templates and styles, which makes it simpler to make spreadsheets that appear polished in no time. Furthermore, its layout is less complicated and more straightforward, making it suitable for novice users. WPS Spreadsheets is a free, downloadable spreadsheet program that can be used online or offline. This makes it approachable to anyone who requires dependable spreadsheet software without having to break the bank.

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