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October 8, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Avoid insecure attachments by sharing files with others using shared links from Office and Outlook. It will reduce network bandwidth and storage costs. However, during workload, these tools are not being worked suitably for advanced features, its charge for it.

At the same time, WPS software is a free Office suite fully compatible with Office suite. It solves day-by-day problems. From this, you face many obstacles and challenges in your task.

In addition, WPS includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation creator. It can achieve the same or better results with less space and resources than the rest of its competition.

Additionally, WPS has free tools, so you can use all the features of BOX for Office without having to spend a large amount of money. Today, we will discuss some traits of WPS Office below.

Free WPS Software Box For Office Features

Free WPS Academy

WPS Software Academy is very suitable for new beginners in offices. It's a great alternative to a professional suite. Compared to the other Office suite, WPS Office works flawlessly. It is the best alternative and efficient for your work. So you should download this software for the free features which are very helpful for the users and make specialist to office beginners.

Free Auto Backup

WPS Software has introduced a free backup feature that allows you to use programs manually or automatically to make copies of the secure data on your device and save them anywhere on your drives, such as a Flash drive, disc, or network drive.

In other ways, auto backup programs are the best free software tools of the WPS Office suite, also used commercially and more. WPS is the only free alternative that offers features like advanced scheduling, disk, partition cloning, and incremental backup.

Here we have many fundamental features for auto backup WPS Software:

Automatic backup based on days and time 

Unlimited backup performances 

Storage device backup 

Non Expiry performance 

Notification of email

WPS Professional Templates

If you are looking for professional templates that are not too expensive, then. There

are free alternatives for the users of WPS Office. There are plenty of templates that the WPS proposes free and low-cost templates.

WPS Office provides many types of templates that make the presentation attractive. Professional templates work efficiently without racking your brain in looking at images and designing styles. Layout and decorations or also waste time in setting animation effects. The templates are available in different modules, waiting for you to explore them.


WPS Office is the all-in-one free software for users. People may use this software easy-breezy, and they have handy features too. WPS software edits and creates PDF files simply and ensures secure features. You can also use PPT, Word, and Excel to edit your documents professionally.

Since we already mentioned that WPS offers many valuable features to people for free. As far as We suggest that you download this software without delay, as WPS Office is an Office suite that integrates the writer, spreadsheet, and PDF editors.

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