CAD to PDF:3 steps to export the PDF you want

October 19, 2022

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If you are engaged in architecture, electronics, design, manufacturing, and other industries, you may often use CAD and need to convert CAD files to PDF files.

After the conversion, benefits are as follows:

1. Most people do not have CAD software installed on their computers. To avoid others being unable to open the CAD drawings you send, you need to convert the CAD files to a more common PDF format in advance;
2. It's easier to print CAD drawings with PDF files for easy viewing at the construction site;
3. PDF files occupy less space than CAD files, which is conducive to transmission and storage.

In the latest version of WPS Office, the CAD to PDF conversion feature has been added. CAD files within 1MB can be converted for free. If you upgrade to WPS Premium, you can not only convert files exceeding 1MB but also enjoy batch conversion.

Let's learn how to quickly master this function in the following three steps!
Step 1: Open WPS Office, click More in the lower left corner of the home page, click CAD to PDF, and then select the files to be converted and drag them directly into the dialog box.  

Step 2: The setting interface is very simple. Click the Settings button in the upper right corner, you can set it to automatically open the file when the conversion is completed. You can also set a time limit, which will automatically stop when the given time is exceeded.The file storage location can be set in the lower left corner. Click Add File to add files at any time.  

Step 3: After setting, click Start Conversion to start the conversion. The speed of conversion is very fast.Moreover, if you want to interrupt the conversion of a file, just click the stop button.

Let's see the final result! The drawing is still clear after being enlarged. The one-click operation makes the conversion fast and stable. Come and try!