Create and present custom slide shows

November 5, 2021

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During the presentation, we do not have to start a slide show as their order arranged within the presentation document. Here are  steps for custom slide shows.

1. Go to Slide Show click Custom Slide Shows.

2. Click New in the Custom Slide Shows dialog.

3. In the pop-up Define Custom Slides window, choose the slides to include in the cutom show from the leftcolumn, and click Add to insert. Then, click OK to finish slides selection.

4. Click Show in the Custom Slide Shows window to start the custom slide shows. (Note that every time for custom slide shows, you need to get into this dialog.)


1. You can choose whether or not to show a certain slide during custom slide shows.

2. You dont have to follow the slides order as the arrangement in the presentation document.

Here is a comparison between a usual slide show and a custom slide show. The difference presents at the slides order.

Demonstration of a usual slide show

Demonstration ofa custom slide show

Note that every time for custom slide shows, you need to get into the dialog of Custom Slide Shows.

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