Delete a page in word document on mac

July 22, 2022

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If you are new to Word, you may have many questions about the software and some of the tools that complement it. However, it is time for you to try to solve all those questions and thus stand out as an expert in Word. It is good that you learn how to delete a page in Word is one of the main tools that you will need.

When you learn how to delete a page in word a document from your Mac or Windows computer, you will have control over your files. You will be free to rewrite an entire document and even retract by deleting entire pages of text. For you to delete a page in Word online, it is good that you use the following methods:

How to delete a page in Word that contains the text?

If you want to delete a page in Word on mac that contains text, you will have to apply these steps:

1. Open the Word document you want to remove the page with text from.

2. You have to press control ++, and you could even use the key combination Shift + 8. Eventually, you must select the paragraph icon in the Home tab and the “paragraph” group.

3. This combination of keys and paragraph icons will allow you to see the blank spots. In this way, you can remove those spaces just by highlighting the paragraph icons and clicking the “delete” button on the keyboard.

How to delete a blank Word page?

You can also apply another simple method to delete a page in Word 2013 or another version you own. In this case, you can delete a completely blank page in Word by doing the following:

1. You must open the Word document from which you want to remove the Blank page.

2. You need to go to the “view” tab in the main menu next to the “review” tab.

3. Select the navigation panel located in the “show” group.

4. A box will open with three options that would be “Heading,” “pages,” and “results.” Now you will have to click on “pages.”

5. You need to click on the blank page to be deleted in Word and then press the Delete key on the keyboard.

If you apply both methods to delete a page in Word 2016, you will have the best results in creating your document. It is good that you take the time to apply each of the previously explained methods correctly. Deleting a page in Word free allows you to execute a cleaner job that your employer likes.

Now that you have verified that the methods to delete a page in Word 2010 are useful, do not forget to go to WPS Academy. On the website, you will find more instructional guides on using Word and all the tools that complement the software. You can also download WPS Office to use it on your mobile phone or computer.

You must understand that the delete a page in the Word tool is not all Word offers you, but an infinite number of options. Conveniently, you try to know each of the tools to become an expert in the software.

The best thing is that Word is one of the priority programs in a company, so you will always be surrounded by this tool. It is good that you also gain knowledge about Excel and PowerPoint because of the user they will give you.