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September 23, 2022

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PDF reader is a very good document reader, he has a small file size, read the effect of clear and other features. So as a user of windows 10, how to download a suitable PDF tool? Here to introduce you to an office software, called WPS office. wps office is an integrated office software, can be downloaded and installed on Windows for free.

WPS office contains a variety of tools such as word, ppt, excel, PDF, etc. You can enter the official website of WPS office to view the relevant introduction. WPS office is quick and easy to install and use on Windows 10. Here to briefly introduce you to the PDF tool home page of the six major functions.

1. Home

In the home tab, you can quickly convert between documents, which is the most common function of PDF tools. You can convert word, PPT, Excel or images to PDF files, or convert a PDF file to word, PPT, Excel or images. When you have opened a PDF file, you can play the document, or adjust the layout of the PDF pages, or you can enter the reading mode, so that the reader can view the document in its entirety.

2. Insert

In the insert tab, you can insert text, images, or new PDF pages into an open PDF file, so you can edit the content in the PDF file just like a word document. You can also add notes, draw lines and highlight key phrases as if the mouse had been turned into a pen.

3. Comment

In the comment tab you can add comments to the page content. For example, if you have highlighted a sentence and want to note your thoughts or questions next to it, you can choose to add a comment to add a paragraph so that the next time you open the document, you will know why the sentence is highlighted.

4. Edit

In the edit tab you can perform a number of page editing roles. You can screenshot pages, split pages, or add headers and footers. If you have downloaded a watermarked PDF file, you can remove the watermark. If you want to add a watermark to your PDF file to prevent it from being stolen by others, you can also add a watermark.

5. Page

In the Pages tab, you can select pages, either to the left or rotate to the right, depending on your needs. You can also merge PDF files, two or more PDF files together to generate a new PDF file. If you want to separate a PDF file, you can also choose the separation function, so that you can split a document into several new PDF files.

6. Protect

In the Protect tab, you can encrypt PDF files to improve their security. You can set a password to open the file, only those who know the password can open the file to read. You can also set the password to edit the document, only those who know the password can edit the document.

The above is the introduction of several common features of PDF reader, is not great. It has many other useful features, you can download WPS office software to Windows 10 after the experience, WPS office software supports a variety of devices, Windows, macOS, etc. can be. You can also get a free membership when you download it now, so come and try it out.

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