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April 7, 2022

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It would be a tough job to create and design PPT slides from scratch, so why not download profession templates for free in WPS Office? WPS Office has a collection of attractive and elegant templates open to all users. Read on and learn to download Presentation templates in 3 minutes.

· Steps to download free PPT templates in WPS Office.

1. Open WPS Office.

>> Click here to download WPS Office.

>> Click here to know about WPS Office, the best alternative to Microsoft Office.

2. Come to the home page of WPS Office, click Apps and click Templates.

3. You can click Presentation on the left navigation bar to find the PPT templates quickly.

4. There are also different categories for you to choose from, namely, Business, Education, Medical, Plan&summary, Fresh, Fashion, Album, and Nature.

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· Why are Presentation templates important?

In different scenarios, a professional and attractive PowerPoint is necessary to help you address your speech or lecture. For many office novices, however, it would be troublesome and time-consuming to make beautiful slides by themselves, so templates can help a lot.

With PPT templates, you dont need to rack your brains in finding images and designing style, layout and decorations, or waste time in setting animation effects. More time is available to focus on your content revision and presentation rehearsal. Under the principle of Customer First, WPS Office offers free Presentation templates for users, allowing you to find and apply the best templates easily and quickly.

· Suggestions on selecting Presentation templates in WPS Office.

1. Choose the templates according to your actual needs.

Based on the topic of your lecture or speech, choose the templates that align with them. For example, if youre going to have a lecture about spring for students, then you are recommended to download those vibrant templates with flowers and grass as background or decorations.

2. Use the searching function to find your favorite templates.

To download the templates that are suitable for you quickly, you are recommended to use the searching function in WPS Office. Input the key words in the search box and search for the related templates.

All free Presentation templates provided by WPS Office are well-designed by our designers, and you are welcome to download them. In addition to templates, WPS Office also stands out in other aspects, and you can know more about it through the following links:

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Free download WPS Office to enjoy free PowerPoint templates. WPS Office is an all-in-one office suite that integrates Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation and PDF editor. More templates in different modules are waiting for you to explore.