Downloadable, printable 2022-word calendar templates for Word

August 23, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Calendar templates are used to have an organized routine in your busy life. By utilizing these calendar templates, you can plan your business ideas, future goals, and trips or holidays. The specialty of these calendar templates is that they can be used for any purpose. You don’t need to write all the information manually. You must set it once and act upon it for the selected period.

You also do not need to create these calendar templates because they are available online at the WPS office. But some people prefer to make their own templates. You can get ideas from the templates that are designed already and can create your 2022-Word calendar template.

Here are some 2022-word calendar templates given to get ideas.

Publisher calendar template

This publisher's 2022-Word calendar template is best to use. It has outstanding designs and unique colors. This calendar template is easily downloadable from the WPS office, and you can use it  for your purposes.

Test calendar template

For the test schedule, this 2022 calendar template is available online. This calendar includes all the required details necessary for planning the test schedule.


Word weekly calendar template

It is pretty challenging to organize weekly-basis tasks manually, but it becomes more accessible by using this 2022-Word calendar template. These are easily downloadable, and you can use them for business purposes.

Daily calendar template

It is challenging to handle all the tasks daily. But it is more accessible to take all the lessons on time due to this daily 2022 calendar template. This is customizable, and you can edit all the features according to your daily basis.

Desk calendar template

This desk 2022-Word calendar template has a professional look and is available in different styles. This template is easy to customize, and you can edit its color scheme, font size, or whatever you need.

Hourly calendar template

It is very hectic to spend a day in an organized way. That is the only solution for those who want to spend their day in an organized manner without any problems. WPS Office is helpful in this matter by creating a 2022-Word calendar template for hours.

Office holiday calendar template

Holidays are essential in a busy life, and planning these holidays is quite tricky. The 2022-Word calendar template for holidays is the best solution to plan holidays mannerly.

Monthly holiday calendar template

If you plan to visit outside during the monthly holiday, this 2022-Word calendar template is valuable. This template is editable, so you can quickly  edit your information or something else.

Office marketing calendar template

To make your business successful, marketing and advertising are crucial. This 2022-word calendar template is helpful for planning something related to marketing.

Project calendar template

If you are running a business and working on an important project, then this 2022-Word calendar template is available. And you can work well by planning some goals for your business on this template.


You will get ideas from the templates mentioned above that you can get every kind of template online. You can also get 2022-Word calendar templates on the WPS office, download them, and use them later.