Drag And Drop, Turn Your Friends onto K-pop

April 14, 2022

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Being a k-pop fan, you've probably had the experience of promoting your favorite star to a friend, only to receive a polite yet wan smile.

K-pop means Korean pop, pop being short for pop music. K-pop is a subset of the Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, which refers to the global appeal of Korean pop culture. TXT is one of the best k-pop bands.

STARNEWS revealed on April 6 that TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER is preparing for a comeback in May. TXT will make its first appearance in nearly nine months, with the release of The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE in August 2021. This may be the best news for MOAs. (TXTs fandom name)

With several simple actions, like drag and drop, you may be managed to persuade your pals to alter their thoughts. Specifically, you'll learn how to put audios into slides in a variety of ways, as well as how to personalize them to your tastes.

· Several ways to insert audios:

The easiest way: Drag your MP3 music into your PPT

The most conventional way: Insert > Audio > Insert Audio

The most imperceptible way:Add a hyperlink to the picture. Select the picture (it can be the album cover) and click Insert > Hyperlink > Select the music > OK.

Then, clicking the picture will play the music with the player on your PC.

The once-and-for-all way: Insert background music to your presentation. Select the audio and click Play in Background.

· Several ways to customize audios:

1. You can play, pause, move forward, move back, adjust the volume and check the playing time of the audio in slides.


2. You can trim the audio, make the audio fade in/out, make the audio loop or rewind in the Audio Tools tab.

Next time, whenrecommending your favorite k-pop idol to your friends, using audio in your presentations may make it more appealing. It's possible that sending them music will elicit no response. Why not try putting up a fantastic presentation with a playlist of your favorite songs?

Even if those cold-blooded animals remain unmoved, you can entertain yourself, at the very least.

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