Excel Add Cells Formula (2 Easiest Ways)

July 22, 2022

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If you have been wondering for a long time what excel add cells formula process is like, you may be able to answer that question today. However, when you search for information on the internet about the subject, you may find a lot of erroneous content. But with thorough research on how excel add cells formulates, you will find the simplest methods to apply.

For you to be able to excel add cells formula online, you need to apply a series of steps within your files. It would help if you only let yourself be helped by experts in the field so that you master the tool without any significant problem.

How to add the SUM function in Excel?

The first method to apply for excel add cells formula online is by applying the SUM function in the cells that need it. For you to be successful when wanting excel add cells formula Mac or on your Windows computer, you must do the following:

1. Open the Excel document where you have the data to add in their cells.

2. Select a cell and simultaneously go to the function box to place the formula =SUM followed by the symbology of each selected cell. If you want to add cells A1 to E1, the formula will be =SUM(A1, E1).

3. You will have to click enter and see the sum of the preselected cells.

How to add the SUM function in Excel to add up an entire column?

If you are looking for excel add cells formula 2019 to add an entire column, you will have to apply a different method. On this occasion, you will need excel add cells formula complying with the following steps:

1. Again, open the excel document where you want to excel add cells formula, but in the whole column.

2. Go to the function box at the top of the entire excel box and type =SUM.

3. Now, you will have to select the cells within the column so that it gives you the corresponding formula. In this case, the cells with data from column A were taken, giving the formula =SUM(A1, A6).

4. You could also use the command Control + Space or Command + Space if you have a Mac computer to add up the entire column. This way, you would save time using this essential Excel tool.

You may now understand how excel add cells formula 2016 without applying complex methods within the software. You have to put everything you've learned into practice and try to polish yourself using these tools. Knowing how to sum cells or a column in Excel quickly will save you a lot of time at work.

On the other hand, knowing how excel add cells formula is also the perfect trigger for gaining prestige in your work. This is because very few colleagues will know how to manipulate excel to your degree. It's good that you share your knowledge with those who are just getting into Excel.

If all the information on how excel add cells formula has been helpful to you and you want more details about it, do not forget to investigate further. You can give yourself the task of going to a website with similar guides and equal prestige. After this exhaustive search, you will likely come across the website that is right for you.

It is good that you also try to learn excel add cells formula, knowing the tool you might need at work. When posting data, the idea is that you use Excel and simultaneously a tool such as the one presented to you.