Excel Formula: How to Add Columns in Excel?

July 25, 2022

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Find out how you can how to add on excel columns by following several simple methods.

It is time that you know how to add on excel columns to learn how to work in Excel and thus make tables in the best way. If you work in an office, you must learn to handle Excel in detail. You will also have the possibility to understand the function of how to add on excel columns mac.

It would be best if you learned everything related to how to add on excel columns so that you can additionally place the information that you have missed in your Excel tables. Next, you will know several quite effective methods that will support you on how to add excel columns without problems.

How to add columns in Excel?

If you want to know how to add on excel columns, it is time that you comply with several essential steps:

1. Select the column header to the right where you want the new column to appear.

2. Click where the Insert command is located where the home screen is.

3. The new column appears to the selected column's left. So you can understand how to add on excel columns 2016.

How to move a column?

If you sometimes need to move a column so you can organize your worksheet's content, you must know several simple steps. This is why you must learn everything related to how to add on excel columns

1. Select where you want the column header to be for the column you want to move. Then click where the cut command is where the home tab is, or you can also press Ctrl+x on your keyboard.

2. Choose the column that goes to the right of where you want to move the column

3. Click where the insert command is, where the home tab is, then select insert cut cells where the dropdown menu is.

4. Then, the column will move to the location you selected, and the columns to the right will be moved to the right.

How to show and hide a column?

You should know that Excel offers you the function of hiding columns in a simple way. This is why knowing how to add excel columns is essential if you work in this program.

1. You have to choose the column you want to hide, click the right mouse button, and then select hide where the format menu is.

2. The columns will be hidden; the line that has green color indicates the location of the hidden column.

3. So that you can show the columns choose the right columns and also the left of the hidden columns. In the example below, columns B and E are selected. Then click the mouse and choose show where the formatting menu is located. In this way, you have understood how Excel works about how to add on excel columns online.

If you understood the 3 methods mentioned above where everything about how to add on excel columns 2019 is explained, then you understand how to use Excel better. You will feel like an expert in this program when you practice how to add excel columns.

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