Excel Formula: How to Combine Text In Excel

August 1, 2022

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These days in this cutting-edge period, the world is so quick, and updating ourselves is an absolute requirement, in each part of life. So this article assists with learning additional fascinating elements of how to combine text in excel. Succeed is utilized in around all organizations and it additionally helps in numerous ways on the grounds that Excel contains different techniques and capabilities through which laborers complete their work in standard time and in the most honest way as well.

There are three ways by which we can easily find combined text in Excel. These all functions can perform under different methods and steps.


Note: There are some steps to follow to find out how to combine text through multiple excels.

1) We will use the CONCATENATE function here and will find the answers.

2) Our first step is to make an example on a spreadsheet and make elements to define how this function works.

3) Now second step is to place the formula in the column1 C2 , Here we will use the formula: =CONCATENATE(A2,B2)

4) After placing a formula press enter key the combined text will appear in Column 1 automatically. Like this:

Congratulations on all these you successfully find how to combine text in excel.

How to Combine Text Using CONCAT Method.

This is also a function by which we can find combine text using CONCAT method and to find this we have to follow some steps.

1) Make an example in the spreadsheet as above and take elements of FIRST NAME and LAST NAME. like this:

2) Our second step is to place the formula of CONCAT which performs a combine text function like this:

3) The third step is to press enter key and your text will combine automatically with the help of a formula.

4) Now our last function is to copy the formula up to C8 and automatically all the names will appear in their respective boxes.

Congratulation you again combine text in excel with the following steps and their respective method.

How to Combine Text Using TEXTJOIN Method.

This is the third method in excel by which we can easily combine our text in a spreadsheet but here we can make changes in our examples. This function is a little bit different from the above two.

Here we use the TEXTJOIN function to combine our text respectively. This also includes some steps which we have to follow.

1) Make a spreadsheet example and perform elements there, by which we determine their work and function easily.

2) Now our second step is to place the formula of TEXTJOIN in D2 to find the combined name.

3)After that press enters your result will automatically appear on the D2 and after that copy the formula in all the boxes up to D8 so your formula will copy in all other boxes and will appear combines text in it.

Congratulation, by following all these steps and methods you again successfully find the combined text function with the TEXTJOIN function easily without any hassle.

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