Excel Formula: How to Extract Text from a cell

August 1, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Excel with its so many functions has given many choices to its users to use any method to fulfill their tasks and work efficiently. Now along with its data organizing, analyzing, and providing chart sheets. It also lets the user perform certain functions for their ease. And the extracting of character from a cell is a useful function and a basic one that every individual should at least know.

Individuals tend to make mistakes when they are inserting critical data or are trying to find or extract from a specific cell or the texts and characters in which they consist. And so excel is made it more convenient for its user to find and extract specific text or words with the usage of several methods.

Here in this article, you will be learning how to extract before or after a character from a cell using multiple methods.

How To Extract Before Text Using The Find Left Function

For extracting the text which is before the comma, we will be using the LEFT and Find function. 


Firstly we will be finding the location of the comma by using the find function and then we will be deducting 1 to where the value which is returned to know the last name length.

The function which will be used is mentioned below:



Insert this function in B5.Press Enter Key.Drag down the formula to get instant values.


In this function the formula we are using is:



Put in this function in D5.Press Enter Key.Drag down the formula to get instant values.

So, you have learned the extraction of text from a cell by now.

Hence, you do understand now that combining both functions yields the formula.

Manage To Extract Text By Using LEFT And FIND Function:

In this method the function will be:



Use this  function in C5.Press Enter Key.Drag down the formula to get instant values.

You now know the major function to easily perform this task and have your text extracted from the cell.

Manage To Extract After Text Using The LEFT And Find Functions:

Here we will be extracting after text in the given cell.

The formula which we are using here is mentioned below:


Insert this given formula in cell C5.Press the Enter key.Drag down the formula to your desired cell for fulfilling your task.

Finally, you do know multiple methods to extract texts or characters from a specific cell by using these functions.

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