Excel Formula: How to merge text in excel

August 1, 2022

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You might frequently need to combine two or more cells into one huge cell in your Excel workbooks. For a better data display or organisation, you could want to join numerous cells, for instance. In some situations, there can be too much information for one cell to display, so you choose to combine it with other blank cells. Here are listed multiple methods for merging text in Excel.

Excel Merge and Center to merge text:

When using the merge cell function in database programming, many neighbouring cells can be combined into a single, bigger cell. By selecting Merge Cells and selecting All Cells, the operation is complete. Centering the text signifies that it is possible to do so.

How to Use Excel's Merge and Center?

The steps to merge and centre in Excel are as follows:

Choose the nearby cells that you wish to combine first.

In Excel, select Merge & Center from the Alignment group by clicking the Home button.

To merge the data into one cell in Excel, select Merge & Center.

Selected cells are combined into one cell once you click Merge & Center, and the text appears centred as shown in the picture above.

To merge two or more cells, use the CONCATENATE function:

This method of combining cells in Excel may be preferable to those who are more familiar with Excel formulae. If necessary, you can combine the values of the cells first using the Excel & operator or the CONCATENATE function. The steps are listed in detail below.

Let's say that you wish to merge the data from cells A2 and B2 on your Excel sheet. Concatenate the two cells using one of the following formulae to ensure that the value in the second cell is preserved after merging:


=A2&, &B2

Merge Contents:

Consider this table as an example. If we wish to combine the contents of cells A2 and A6, we should choose those cells. Select Merge Content from the drop-down box under Merge and Center. The data can be kept while the chosen cells can be combined into a single cell.

Merge cells through format cell menu:

Step 1:

First, choose the cells you wish to combine. Use the mouse to choose them, or start in one cell, hold Shift, and then use the arrow keys to select all of them.

Step 2:

To enter the Format Cells dialogue box, click the Format Cells button on the Home Ribbon or use the shortcut Ctrl + 1.

Step 3:

Select the Alignment tab from the Format Cells menu, then check the box next to Merge Cells.

Step 4:

To position the title in the middle of the combined cells, click centre. Then, choose a backdrop colour to make the headline stand out even more.

Alternative to merge cells:

Step 1: Using the mouse or the keyboard arrows while holding down the Shift key, choose the cells you wish to centre.

Step 2: On the Home Ribbon or by pressing Ctrl + 1, open the Format Cells dialogue box.

Step 3: Then select Center Across Selection under the Alignment tab. Note: If Merge Cells is already selected, be sure to uncheck it.

Now, without merging cells, you get text that is neatly centred.

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