Formatting Text in Excel: A Complete Guide

August 1, 2022

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When you format text or numbers, they will look more noticeable, especially on a big spreadsheet. Changing default formats might involve making changes to your text's font colour, style, size, alignment within cells, or use of formatting effects to make it look more appealing. In this article, multiple ways to format cells are mentioned below:

Underline the text to fomat text:

The keyboard shortcut for underlining text is Ctrl + U. This is done by selecting the Underline button, which is located next to the Italic button. The double underline option is the last one for the italicised text. It adds a double underline to the text-filled cell that is currently present. For a clearer representation of these two alternatives, see the screenshot below.

choice for Wrap Text and Merge & Center to format text:

These two alignment operations in Excel are the most often utilised ones. Wrap Text displays text in a single cell even if it extends beyond the limits of the cell. On the other hand, Merge & Middle combines the data from several cells and then aligns the combined text in the centre. The illusion is removed if you click the Merge & Center button once again, but the text is put in the leftmost cell or the cell under which it was really typed.

Quickly format text by using tables:

Excel An immensely effective technique to manage a lot of linked data is with tables. Simply choose any cell in the data and click CTRL+T, followed by Enter. And presto, your data is instantly sleek. The greatest and simplest formatting advice has to be this.

strikethrough, subscript, or superscript text to format text:

Select the cell(s) you want to edit, then click the B for bold, the I for italics, or the U for underlining to apply your desired style(s).

In Excel, you may also strikethrough, subscript, or superscript text.

To achieve this, open the Format Cells pop-up by clicking the arrow in the bottom right corner of the font group. Choose your desired formatting from the options in the Effects section of the window after making sure the Font tab is chosen.

Uppercase function to format text:

Any piece of text may be formatted in upper case using Excel's uppercase function. This implies that we are able to have text with full capital letters. Enter the equal sign in any cell and choose the function UPPER to apply Uppercase in Excel. We shall choose the only cell, the cell that only contains Text, in accordance with syntax. It will transform the chosen text to uppercase, as we shall see.

=UPPER(A1) is the formula if you want to turn text in cell A1 in uppercase.

Add bullets and numbering to format text:

Large volumes of data may be organised, analysed, and filtered with the aid of the spreadsheet tool Excel. This programme is helpful to people in many different occupations, but Excel is available to everyone who wants to organise their information. Your ability to better see your data may be improved by learning how to use organising tools like bullets and numbers.

Insert photos in worksheet:

The procedures below can be used to insert a photograph that is saved at a location that you have access to:

To place a photo in your worksheet, click the desired location.Click Pictures on the Insert ribbon to start.Choose this device.Select the image you wish to insert from your computer's file system, then click Open.

Your worksheet will include the image.

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