Free 2022 Excel Monthly Calendar Templates

July 22, 2022

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1. 2022 simple general blue calendar template
2. Weekly schedule form template
3. Class schedule curriculum template

Many people have busy schedule these days including so many activities. It might get hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done but you don’t need to worry. You can use excel monthly calendars to keep track of everything.

What is excel monthly calendar templates

Excel calendars are graphic component in Excel spreadsheets that represent a certain month. Individuals can alter the default calendar layout provided to suit their particular requirements. Users can select from a wide range of calendar templates, including academic calendars and social media calendars.

You can use the excel monthly calendar templates that for school, work or even for your personal schedule. People who use calendar templates can add a certain month to their spreadsheets and change the content to suit their need.

Excel monthly calendar templates may have one or more of the following features.

  1. To-do list

  2. Column for notes

  3. Budget tracker

  4. Daily schedule tracker

  5. Task tracker

  6. Vacation planner

  7. Might display twelve months in one or separate workbook

  8. Might display days from Monday to Sunday or from Sunday to Saturday

How to insert excel monthly calendar templates

  1. Open excel on your computer or mobile device is the first step in inserting a calendar into Excel.

  2. Click on the spreadsheet from the green ribbon.

  1. In the search bar type calendar.

  2. Multiple templates will appear, choose the template that meets your needs and requirements.

  3. View the template and make the changes according to your needs.

  1. Once you are done editing, save the spreadsheet. That’s it, now you have access to excel monthly calendar that has been customized to suit your needs. You can further customize it whenever you want.

Excel calendar templates

Here I have mentioned three templates and their features.

1. 2022 simple general blue calendar template

The 2022 simple calendar template is editable and printable. There are certain holidays and events included. The best thing about this calendar is that it is general calendar hence it can be used by anyone such as businesses, students, groups, organizations, families, etc. Also the design is simple yet so beautiful which make it perfect for minimalists.

2. Weekly schedule form template

The weekly schedule form template helps you stay organized throughout the week and is simple to use. To ensure that you don't forget anything, you can modify it and include all of your chores and activities. Now you can plan your weeks ahead of time.

3. Class schedule curriculum template

This excel schedule template consists of a spreadsheet with a column listing the hours of each activity and a row listing the days of the week. Your chores, events, birthdays, etc. are simple to add. This template can also be used to keep track of your classes and other academic activities.

WPS office can be used across various platforms such as windows, mac, iPhone etc. WPS office also works without internet as well so you don’t need to be online for using excel spreadsheet. Thus, you can edit your schedule whenever and wherever you want. Excel calendar templates are avaliable in 2016/2019 and other versions of WPS.

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