Free Excel Expense Tracker Templates

September 21, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

It's easy to keep track of your expenses and stay organized with an excel expense tracker template. With this excel expense tracker template spreadsheet, you can input all of your payments into one place. This way, you don't have to worry about keeping track of receipts and notepads. You can also use this template to track your income and expenditures to know how much money you have left each month. To start using the template, download it from the internet and open it in the WPS office. Then, enter your income and expenditures in the appropriate cells and save them as a new file with your name. WPS Office provides an excel expense tracker template, and you can download them for free

1.Monthly Personal Expense

You can keep an eye on your spending with this business budget template. You could decide, as a result, to make better-informed business decisions.

2.Statistics on Individuals' Annual Salary

With the help of our free Excel budget template, you can manage your finances for such a momentous day. You may create a timetable with sections for Plans A and B and keep track of expenses.

3.Sales Staff Self-Evaluation

You may find it easier to organize and manage your funds using the straightforward Excel spreadsheet template for a budget. It is simple to use hourly and monthly and is available in red and pink.

4.Application for Mobilization of Personnel

The best tool for managing your company's money is this budget planner. You may see your spending habits as well as specific item costs.

5.A form for mobilizing personnel

Utilize this investment statement form to track your profits. It is green and adds a more appealing touch to your work. A free Excel budget template for the week is furthermore included.

6.Expense reimbursements 

Fill out this form to track your monthly expenses. It enables professional and waste-free updating and organization of your monthly savings and spending. It may account for expenses like rent, water, and electricity.

7.Annual staff medical expenses 

It's easy to use and modify the Excel budget template as needed. Because of its more horizontal layouts, you can easily manage your yearly budget on an hourly and monthly basis.

8.Travel Expense

If you want to know how financially your company is performing, you need to have a financial table to record every expenditure and income. Then you should consider your travel expenses as well. those fancy dinners with your new clients, driving them to their hotels etc. should include in your business expense as well.

9.Travel Expenses Reimbursement Form

If you spend more than you anticipate, it's time to organize your finances with a simple personal budget template. You may monitor your spending and revenue by using budget categories. Alter the form by using the free Excel budget template.

10.Information on tax expenses

The 12-month budget worksheet for Excel is free and straightforward to use. It doesn't require you to be an Excel guru to utilize it. You can change and add brand-new categories.


When you are a freelancer or self-employed, keeping track of your work expenses is essential. It would help track how much you spend on office supplies, marketing, and transportation. One way to do this is by using an excel expense tracker template. It is easy to set up and helps you keep track of your expenses daily. You can also use it to track your monthly income and expenses.