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September 22, 2022

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Many different types of excel templates can be used for the WPS office. Some templates are designed for specific purposes such as budgeting, forecasting, invoicing, and more. Some templates are designed for particular types of work, such as accounting, marketing, and finance. Using a suitable template for an excellent purpose is essential because the wrong template could lead to mistakes and errors in your work. You can check out various excel templates on the WPS office and can download them.

1-A Simple Business Project's Budget Template

This free spreadsheet template enables job classification and the inclusion of associated costs and times. By comparing the anticipated and actual budgets, this template allows for the detection of overcast.

2-Budget for the Basic Project

Using this free template, you can budget for simple tasks. It also can deliver budget summaries.

3-A skilled basic project's budget

Most people who build budgets for businesses use this accessible template. Organizing data relevant to a company's overall revenue and outlays make it possible.

4-Worksheet on Basic Budgeting

This free spreadsheet template may be used to create a decorating budget. It stands out since it also has a field for entering data connected to shopping.

5-A Marriage Budget Plan Form

Planning a wedding budget is made possible by using this free spreadsheet template. It contains a column to show when a category has been finished and is easy to use.

6-Fresh Green Family Budget Planner

The monthly family budget may be planned with this free spreadsheet template. It may also produce graphs based on the data obtained.

7-Budget Travel for the Multifarious Type

Budgets for travel are often created using this free template. An estimated travel budget based on many cities may be added using this template.

8-Reception's financial budget sheet

This free template may be used to generate a budget for business events. This free template also provides access to corporate event sites. 

9-Fresh Light Blue Budget and Expenses

Budgets for departments and associated expenditures may be computed using this free template. The unique aspect of this template is that it also enables a graphical comparison of budget and spending.

10-The spending plan for channel marketing

Budgets for channel marketing were generated using this free spreadsheet template. It makes planning an efficient marketing budget easier by dividing up several jobs for channel marketing campaigns.


Excel templates are a way to make your spreadsheets look professional, even if you are not a spreadsheet expert. There are many templates to choose from, including graphs, calendars, and pie charts. Templates are great for when you need to make a quick presentation or business plan. There are also templates for personal use, such as expense reports or budgeting. Business owners and managers commonly use them to help organize their business's data. They are a great way to ensure accuracy and consistency. Excel templates are created in the WPS office, but you can also find templates online.