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October 9, 2022

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WPS Excel is an extremely potent programme that can be used to quickly analyse and interpret huge volumes of data. Additionally, it may be used to keep tabs on spending, invoice customers, produce financial reports, create calendars and checklists, and much more.

However, you can use our free selection of 10 pre-made Excel templates instead of starting from scratch and wasting hours downloading free Excel templates.

Here are the 10 free excel templates to download:

1.Free interview form:

WPS provides you with free interview form like this to work on. This form can be used by the companies to conduct interviews for a specific job. You can download this template from WPS Office or you can use WPS spreadsheet online to work on.

2.Blue excel for cost accounting sheet:

This blue excel for cost accounting sheet has a very beautiful shades of blue color in it and it can be a perfect chart or sheet for your work. Download WPS Office today and start making your excel sheets or use the spreadsheet online for accounting work.

3.Simple free income form:

This simple free income form can be used to put data of the project, date, amount of income and principle etc. It has gray color in background which looks elegant. You can download WPS Office and use this free template or make simple charts and sheets by using the spreadsheet online.

4.Conference minutes template:

In the business work, conferences are a part of the daily routine and it is always very important to record the minutes of the meeting in some form. So, this free template can be downloaded from WPS Office and can also be used from online spreadsheet.

5.Product inspection checklist:

This product inspection checklist is perfect to use for the purpose of inspecting some kind of products and this meaning is very clear from its name. So, WPS Office has provided you with this free template or you can say checklist. Also, you can use this free checklist online to use from the spreadsheet.

6.Diet and exercise schedule sheet:

It is important to have a check on your calories and it is important to do exercise and keep yourself healthy. For that, WPS Office has come up with this free diet and exercise schedule sheet to plan your exercise and diet. You can also use this sheet or chart online from spreadsheet.

7.Purchase request forms for items sheet:

This purchase request forms for items sheet can be used to keep a record of the items that need to be purchased. You can download this free free template from WPS Office or you can use it online from the spreadsheet.

8.Attendance sheet for participants:

In any kind of event, there is always a need of keeping a record of the participants and this can be easily done by using this free attendance sheet for participants. This can be downloaded from WPS Office to make your sheet or chart and you can also use it online.

9.Simple delivery order sheet:

The simple delivery order sheet will help you to keep you data of delivery orders in order and to keep it safe. Just download WPS Office to make your sheet and chart or use the spreadsheet online to make your work easy for you.

10.Store October merchandise sales monthly report:

This sheet can help you to store your data in order and to store it on monthly basis. All you have to do is download WPS Office to use this free template or to use the spreadsheet online.

Note: The examples of a spreadsheet is a great substitute for needing to put in extra effort to develop anything from scratch. The best part is that alternatives like business sheets, work plan sheets, lesson plan sheets, and free excel templates to download are available and cost nothing for personal or business usage.

There are several templates available online, but if none of them appeal to you, you can visit WPS Office, a website with millions of alternatives.