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August 22, 2022

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The resume is a must-have when looking for a job. A hiring manager may learn a lot about you and your qualifications from your resume. More importantly, your resume demonstrates why they should hire you.

After getting a barebones template, all you need to do is fill it in with your own data. You'll be able to avoid worrying that your resume doesn't look professional and save a tone of time in the process. Each upscale design was made with the utmost care and precision.

Keep reading if you're curious to see the free high school resume template for students.

Further resume resources and helpful hints are included in this article.

Which Website Has the Finest Sample Resume for Students Still in High School?

When it comes to online programs and digital resources, WPS Academy is unmatched. Features in WPS Academy are all made by experts, so you know they're reliable.


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WPS Academy provides access to free resume templates online. Moreover, it is common practice to make minimal adjustments to a free template before using it.

What Should I Include in My High School Resume?

In your high school resume, include the following sections:

In order to get in touch with someone,  need to know their first and last name, phone number, email address, and possibly the profiles they are connected to. Check your work thoroughly to ensure a successful return contact from the recruiter.

Resume Objective - Your resume objective should be a brief statement (three to four sentences) that summarizes your professional ambitions, highlights your most relevant talents, and highlights the most relevant aspects of your background and experience. Its purpose is to pique the reader's interest in the resume enough to encourage further reading.

Education - it's about schooling. The name of your high school and your academic credentials should be included.

Extracurricular Activities - Your resume's strongest aspect is the extracurricular activities you've participated in. You might say it's the same as having actual work experience. Your extracurricular activities demonstrate to a potential employer that you are an active and responsible high school student.

Projects & Gigs - List any freelance work or personal projects you've undertaken outside of school here. Do something on the side to demonstrate your initiative; this might be a side job or even just a blog.

Work Experience - Outline any relevant work history you may have. You can also use this part to talk about your internship or volunteer experience.

Languages - Learning a second or third language might set you apart from the competition. If you're fluent in multiple languages, be sure to highlight that skill!

Hobbies & Interests - Pick a few hobbies and interests that the recruiter can use to learn more about you. Having interests and hobbies that are relevant to the field in which you are applying will illustrate your passion for the position and commitment to the field.

And that’s about it!

Top 7 Free Resume Templates for High School Students

The process of writing a high school resume is challenging enough; you shouldn't have to spend additional time worrying about how to format and organize your information.

Do you want to shorten the time it takes to write your resume?

Make your high school resume stand out with one of these 6+ high school resume examples.

The only work you have to put in is to find a template that speaks to you and fill it out.

1. Simple free resume template for high school students

This template style is suitable for a wide range of high school job seekers, including those with substantial work experience and those with little to no work experience.

The use of blue colors highlights information over coolness, and the structure is straightforward.

2. Fresh job hunting free resume templet for high school students

The perfect job is waiting for you, and you may get it with the help of this sample. You might make a resume by following the example given here, which is a resume for a job.

3. Functional free resume templets for high school students

The functional resume highlights your skills and educational backgrounds rather than your employment history, making it an excellent choice for a high school student with no job experience.

4. White and black free resume templates for high school students

This sample document is short and to the point. Spacing between sections is clean, and the resume purpose is front and center. Extra points if you want to make this high school resume template free your own by changing the colors.

5. Two columns resume templets for high school students

There are two columns in the resume sample, which is a bit of a departure from the norm. It's visually appealing and simple to scan.

Furthermore, it has a small and neat appearance, which is ideal for those seeking employment but without relevant work experience.

6. Infographic free resume templates for high school students

Infographic resume templates, in general, make use of visuals like graphs and charts to present data. Skills and experience are represented by bubbles, and interests are represented by icons in this particular template. This makes the resume easy to scan and understand with minimal effort.

7. Free high school resume templates with experience

A high school student who has work experience in the field will have a leg up on the competition. At this point in your career, a one-page resume should do just fine.

Instead of spending time worrying about grammar, focus on getting your resume formatted correctly and error-free.

Make sure your resume is professional by using one of our available templates.

Simply put, you should be assertive in your language choice. Always start each bullet point with an action verb to demonstrate assurance and use a confident tone while describing your experiences.

Keep in mind how far ahead of the curve you now sit. Despite the seeming difficulty, you will quickly get valuable work experience that will enhance your résumé. You've already earned my respect for deciding to go on this path.

Best-Designed Resume Templates for Students

It's possible that this post did not have a Resume that met your exact specifications. It's not a problem. WPS Academy offers hundreds of free high school resume templates from which to choose.

5 Easy Steps to Write a Winning High School Resume in 2022

You should edit a sample resume for a high school student after you've decided on one. Here are some tips to help you build an impressive résumé while still in high school:

1. Add relevant experience & important details

High school students often struggle to determine which experiences and skills to highlight on their resume due to a lack of relevant work experience. Include relevant work or volunteer experience if it is relevant to the position, you are looking for.

Relevant experience would include, for instance, dog walking at an animal shelter if you're seeking for a job at a dog kennel. That is, unless you also worked as a cashier, in which case it wouldn't matter. Remove that from your resume immediately.

2. Use Keywords

Pay close attention to the posting for clues as to what should be on your resume for that high school position.

If the job posting specifically asks Adobe Photoshop experience, do not include article editing on your Resume. Use the same terminology as is found in the advertised position.

3. Show Your Skills

By using a template, you may highlight your abilities with relative ease.

A skills section allows you to do just that using a template like this one.

Even if you have included an experience area on your resume, a high school student still needs to add a skills section. Don't include any esoteric abilities that you won't be able to explain while expanding your skill set. If questioned, you should be able to talk about them.

Describe any technical skills you possess in the Skills section. Be specific while adding talents. Avoid phrases like Microsoft Office in this instance. Use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint instead. Describe the software packages you're familiar with and which skills you have.

4. Proofread

If you are choosing a free high school resume template, proofread it for grammar and spelling issues before sending it out. Request an expert advice by having someone else proofread your resume for any errors you may have overlooked.

5. Make sure that it is readable

Making use of a resume template designed for students still in high school is a fantastic idea. But if the formatting is off or the writing is difficult to follow, a template will come in handy.

A professional template eliminates the formatting hassle by providing you with a finished product right out of the box. Be sure that your resume can be easily read by selecting a format that allows for this.

Since HR professionals have to go through many applications, they only give each résumé a cursory glance. For this reason, you should use a clear, legible typeface and make sure that highlighted information shines out.

How Many Pages Should a High School Student's Resume Be?

There has long been debate over how long a resume should be, with the answer usually dependent on the applicant's field and level of professional experience.

However, there is no room for debate when it comes to the length of a high school student's resume; it must be no more than one page.

A two-page Resume is acceptable if the applicant has extensive relevant work experience (10+ years, which you do not).

If you find that your first draught of your resume is lengthier than necessary, look it over critically and remove any information that isn't directly related to the position you're applying for.

It's important to keep in mind that the recruiter is only interested in your most relevant abilities and experiences, not your whole narrative.


1. Where can I find a free template for a resume?

WPS Academy has a number of free resume templates that can be used to make a free resume or downloaded.

2. How do I write a high school resume with no experience?

Few students in high school rarely ever worked. Not to worry.

Extracurricular activities might replace employment experience on a résumé.

Participating in school activities, initiatives, and gigs shows your talents and individuality. Include formal and informal employment experience.

If you can demonstrate your skills, a work experience part isn't necessary.

3. How should a high school resume be written?

The resume template is a necessary but time-consuming phase of the process.

It involves carefully modifying a Microsoft Word or Google file to obtain the proper typeface (font size), line spacing (margins), and so on.

Finally, if you create your Resume by hand, it could take you days or even weeks.

Your resume begins to cover the second page with a little outline change!

You want to save money and time, right?

All you need is a resume builder WPS academy! Simply fill in the blanks and you'll be finished in no time!

4. Do you have any free resume samples?

It's not simply that we're the only completely free resume builder available that distinguishes the WPS Academy resume builder. Furthermore, we offer the option of choosing from a variety of unique and well-designed resume templates.


That's all there is to creating a high school resume with limited work experience.

Isn't that simple and doable?

When it comes to design your high school resume, here's a quick recap:

Make your resume stand out by talking about your participation in school activities, personal projects, or live performances rather than your work experience.

Sections like education, interests, and languages can help you show off your knowledge while also providing insight into your character.

You'll catch the recruiter's attention with a short resume objective that clearly describes your key abilities and career goals.

Keep your high school resume templates free at a maximum page with no working experience

Finally, I wish you the best of luck in your hiring process!

If you require more detailed and professional high school resume templates free, please visit WPS Academy and browse their free resumes and instructions.

Download WPS office if you can't find the free high school resume templates for students, you're looking for in WPS Academy. There are hundreds of online templates available for free download. It also includes a free word processor, spreadsheet, and Powerpoint presentation.

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