Get to know about WPS Spreadsheet for windows

March 18, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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· What is WPS Spreadsheet?
· Steps to download WPS Spreadsheet for free.
· Master the skills of using WPS Spreadsheet.

Digital tables are widely used in our daily work. WPS Spreadsheet, the best alternative to Microsoft Excel, allows you to process values, perform calculations and analyze data with high efficiency. Read this tutorial to know more about WPS Spreadsheet.

· What is WPS Spreadsheet?

WPS Spreadsheet is a module of WPS Office(an acronym for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet). WPS Spreadsheet is consistent with Excel document, which helps users to work with high efficiency. Its personal basic version is free to use and it also provides abundant functions and unique features for you to explore.

· Steps to download WPS Spreadsheet for free.

1. Head to the WPS Office official site to download the installation package.

2. Click the Free Download button in the center.

3. The installation package is saved to the specified file in your browser, or you can also click the downloaded file displayed in the lower left corner to install it quickly.

4. Open WPS Office, and click Spreadsheet to create a new WPS Spreadsheet document. You can edit it according to individual needs.

· Master the skills of using WPS Spreadsheet.

Considering users needs, WPS Academy provided hundreds of free tutorials. Here are some basic skills in editing WPS Spreadsheet for you, and youre welcome to click the following links to watch the video tutorials or visit WPS Academy for more information:

Quickly fill cells with multiple methods | A free tutorial in WPS Academy

How to create a table with one click | A free tutorial in WPS Academy

Introduction on basic editing skills | A free tutorial in WPS Academy

WPS Office contains four major functional modules: Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and PDF Converter. Easily compatible with 51 types, including doc, xls, ppt and other text types.Best free office suite alternative to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint,applicable to Windows , mac OS, Android and iOS.