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Get to know the cell widget

Uploaded time: August 31, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Get to know the cell widget

Get to know the cell widget

Today we are going to show you how to use the cell widget in WPS Spreadsheet. The functions of it are very practical useful. Let's learn this feature together!

· Convert Text to Number

In WPS Spreadsheet, the text formatting is quite special.

1. It cannot be directly converted to other formats.

2. The text formatting is aligned to the left, and other formattings are aligned to the right.

Take this table as an example.

We now need to change the date in the table to another type. By looking through the whole table, we can know that the dates in Column A are arranged to the left, which means the cells in ithave been set with the text formatting tool. In this situation, we cannot convert the format in conventional ways.

1. Select the cell area.

2. Click Format in the Home tab.

3. Select Convert Text to Number, then it is successfully converted into a date formatting.

4. Now press the shortcut key Ctrl+1 to enter the format setting dialog box, select the needed type and click OK.

· Convert Text to Hyperlink

If we failed to jump to another page when clicking the links in the table, it's mainly because these links are set in text formatting and need to be converted into hyperlink format. In order to solve this, we can double-click the cell to make the link becomes a hyperlink formatting.

We can also select a range of cells and click Convert Text to Hyperlink in Format to quickly convert.

· Lock Cell

We can also lock the selected cells. Note that this function only works when the cells are protected by the Protect Sheet function. These two functions need to be used in conjunction with each other.

Click Protect Sheet in the Review tab. In this way, the cells is proteced and could not be edited.

· Clear

There are fiveoptionsin the clear functions, that are clear all, clear formats, clear contents, clear comments and specials.

The first four functionsis applied to cause the same effects as when we click theClearbutton in the Home tab, while choosing the Specialsoption can clear the spaces, line breaks, single quotes and invisible characters in the corresponding cells.

· Cells

This feature can set the cell format in details, including font, border, alignment, etc. Its shortcut key is Ctrl+1.

So these are the introductions on cell widget. 

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