Google Docs and Microsoft Word 2021 features comparison

March 31, 2022

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In the office, we often use office software, easy-to-use office software can make our work efficiency higher. Therefore, in daily use, what is good office software? Today, I will introduce two available Office software to you, namely Google Docs and Microsoft Word 2021. The following is the comparison between Google Docs and Microsoft Word 2021.

Google Docs Editions

Google Docs is divided into two versions, namely the Personal Edition and the Enterprise Edition. Today, this article will focus on the Enterprise Edition of Google Docs.

The Enterprise Edition of Google Docs comes for a fee, and it's purchased for 12 dollars per month. However, you can use the Enterprise Edition for free for a while. So, what are the difference between the Enterprise Editon of Google Docs and the Personal Editon?

Google Docs Enterprise Edition features introduction

Word processing tools that facilitate team collaboration. You don't need to install Google Docs to create and edit text documents directly in your browser. Multiple users can work on files at the same time, and any changes are automatically saved.

Comment, chat, and edit in real-time. In Google Docs, you can work on a document with team members or people outside your company, see edits made by others in real-time, and communicate with each other through built-in chat tools, and ask questions by adding comments.

Handles all common file types. You can make related files editable simply by importing them, and supported files include Microsoft Word and PDF files. Your file can be .docx, . pdf. odt. rtf. Export in txt or .html format.

Revision history has no time limit. You can track changes made to a document and undo any change actions that you select in Google Docs. Previous versions are saved indefinitely and do not take up your storage space.

Microsoft Word 2021 features introduction

Microsoft Word has gradually become a professional office software, more and more popular with professionals, so how can the new features of Microsft Word improve our office efficiency?

3D model insertion. Inserting a 3D model into a document is the same as inserting a 2D image. If you don't have your archive of 3D models, search word's license-free media catalog for your favorite 3D models.

Use Icon Library. The subscription version of Microsoft Word gives you access to Microsoft's vast library of icons. You can rotate, resize, and color icons without losing image quality.

Instant translation. In Microsoft Word, you can translate entire documents or parts of the text into other languages to share your work with people you can't share conversations with.

This is all about Google Docs and Microsoft Word features comparison. After reading their features, did you choose which one is better for you? If you are interested in more details about the Office software, don't hesitate that comes to WPS Academy and click the following free tutorials developed by WPS Academy!


Microsoft and Google Docs comparison

Google Docs includes online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Users can easily perform all the basic operations, including compiling a list of items, sorting by column, adding tables/images/notes/formulas, changing fonts, and much more. It is completely free. Google Docs accepts the most common file formats, including DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, and PPT. The familiar desktop style makes editing easy. Simply click the toolbar button to bold, underline, indent, change the font or number formatting, change the cell background color, and more.

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