Happy World Book Day! Use WPS PDF to smooth your reading

April 22, 2022

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If you don't like to read, you haven't found the right book.- J.K. Rowling. 


World Book Day (2022.4.23)  comes and encourages you to read more and gain more.

If you love reading PDF and editing PDF,WPS Office's powerful PDF Reader is the best choice you could ever make. 

WPS PDF reader is free for reading PDF, taking annotations, compressing PDF files, converting PDF to JPG, highlighting specific passages, searching, processing and editing PDF documents.

· Use PDF Editor to Edit Content and Change fluid

Though it is infrequent, misspelled words do occur in books. Do you know how to modify the text in a PDF?

Click to watch the video tutorial:Edit text contents in PDF

· Steps to split PDF quickly inWPS Office.

Suppose there is a certain chapter you just love it and would like to extract it. What can you do? Click to find the answer.

How to split PDF quickly

· Set password to your reading material

WPS PDF may help you achieve your goal of protecting your book from being read or edited. To learn how to set the open password and block actions such as Print, Copy, and Notes, go here:

How to add password to PDF in WPS Office

· Use PDF Editor to set Background

We can add a nice backgroundto the PDF.

Click to watch the video tutorial:How to add background to PDF files

· Use PDF Editor to Add Bookmark

With a bookmark, you may instantly return to the page you last read. Click to view the graphic tutorial:

How to add bookmark with PDF Editor

Books have the power to transport us to a worldand different times and WPS PDF have the power to take you to that magical land.

Try it on your own! 

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