How can we set header and footer

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How can we set header and footer

How can we set header and footer

How can we set header and footer

A formal form usually has additional information such as the company’s logo, time, and page number at the top or bottom. This specific area is called header and footer. Do you know how we can set it?


Take this table as an example.

Get into the Insert tab first, and then click Header/Footer. You can also click the Header and Footer button in the Print Preview tab to set the header and footer area.

After the page setting dialog box pops up, we can now see that WPS has already built in some basic styles. Users can directly apply these styles with one click. 


Also, we can customize the header and footer in many ways.

Click Custom Footer. Then we will see three setting boxes corresponding to the three areas on the footer's left, middle, and right.

Here, you can freely set the text format and insert elements such as page number, picture, date, time, etc.

Now we are going to add date, time, and page number to this form.

It should be noted that the inserted page number will only display the number. If we want the page number to be more specific, we also need to add text before the page number.


After we finished setting the footer, we now need to insert the company logo as the header.

Prepare the Logo image first, then click Insert Picture. 

Then, you can adjust the size of the picture in the Format Graphic and check the Lock aspect ratio to ensure that it will not deform the picture after changing the ratio. In this step, users are also allowed to adjust the color in the Image Control category.

Finally, click OK and the header is done now.


To meet the diversity of table design, WPS can also set  First Page Footer, Odd Page Footer, and Even Page Footer separately.

Check the Different odd and even pages or/and Different first page options according to our needs, then we can set different styles of headers and footers for different pages.



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