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How do you search for a word in a pages document

July 22, 2022

In our daily life we use word for making small or large documents, sometimes for ourselves or for other companies. There are some features in word which we don't know. In this article we will discuss in detail how do you search for a word on a page. Find tool made word searching very easy. If you are short of time then this tool is a big savior.

In further article you will learn all steps with pictures of how do you search for a word on a page and then easily find all the words and make changes.

How do you search for a word on a page in word document in Windows or Mac

1. Open the Word document and new document and wrote something.

2. When you create new document home tab is already open.

3. Go to 'ldquo;find and replace'; button present at right side of ribbon panel.

4. Click it. Then drop down menu will show with three options.

5. Click Find option.

6. After choosing find; option;find and replace dialogue box will appear.

7. Now in the ;Find What; field write a word or a phrase of what you want to search on doc.

8. Options which are disable is in dialogue box, gets enable after writing something in find what field. If you want to highlight search words then Click Reading highlight option.

9. Drop down menu will appear having two options.

10. Select  Highlight All ;. Then word will highlight all search words.

11. As you see in this picture.

12. You can see two options  Find previous  and ;Find Next ; at bottom of dialogue box. Click ;Find Next ; option.

13. Doing this you will locate all search words by moving forward one by one. You just have to click right arrow on your keyboard.

14. Now click  ;Find Previous ; option.

15. Doing this you will locate all search words by moving forward one by one. You just have to click left arrow button on your keyboard

16. Click  More  option.

17.  Write word you want to search in Find What  field.

18. You can set some restriction for the searching words more accurately. If we select  ;Find whole words only ; in the More menu. Then those words that contain it as a part will not be displayed.

19. Click Close  option to close dialogue box.

Now you have learned how do you search for a word on a page, it will allow you to find a word very easily and delete it or change it whatever you wish to do. But if you want to know more about Word features, you can subscribe to WPS Academy to learn in detail.

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