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How many pages is 80000 words

July 22, 2022

Well, it's hard to say how many pages is 80000 words, because the page number depends upon the spacing. If it's single spaced then it will be approximately 184 pages and if its double spaced it will be 362 pages. Not only spacing but it also depends upon the font family, font face and font size,and page margin.

 In this article we will show you how many pages is 80000 words and the how the number of pages increases and decreases according to page spacing and font family. WPS office is an amazing app, You can use it on mac and on Windows as well. It's free app for online and offline use.

How many pages is 80000 words in single spaced? 

If it is single spaced, the font size is 12pt, and the font face is Calibri, the number of pages will be 124.

Example 1:

How many pages is 80000 words in double spaced?

In double spaced the page number increases from 242 to 304 by keeping the font size, page margin and font face constant.

You see the difference, in single spaced the page number is half of double spacing.

Example 2:

Which font face produce more pages?

Well, there are more than 30 font faces, however in schools and  colleges most common font face is Arial and veranda. In offices Times New Roman is the most common. So, by comparing these most used font faces we can assume that Veranda is the most page consuming font face. We see that, Calibri produces 242 pages in double spaced, font size 12pt and page margin 1inch.

Now, let's see how much veranda produces.

Veranda produces 304 pages of 80000 words by using font size 12pt and 1inch margin on all sides.

Example 3:

Example 4:

Arial produces 254 pages of 80000 words by using font size 12pt and 1inch margin on all sides.

The font face Arial is most common in high schools for essay writing, however it's not a standard, it depends upon teacher in which font face they need the easy or assignments.

Example 5:

Times New Roman produces 229 pages of 80000 words by using font size 12pt and 1inch margin on all sides.

Now, we can see the difference between Arial, Times New Roman and veranda. In Arial it's 254 pages, Times New Roman 229 and Veranda 304 pages of 80000 by using 12 font size and 1 inch margin on all. Veranda produces more number of  pages.


Hence, we have learned that how many pages is 80000 words and how page number depends upon the font face. Normally, we can say that in single space 80000 words is around 124 pages and in double spacing it is around 304. However, again it depends upon the font face, font size and page margin.

This is all for today, We are here, to show more useful tips and tricks like this. Stay connected to learn more, you can also visit WPS Academy for learning about WPS Document/presentation/excel/PDF. Download WPS now!

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