How to add a page number in word

July 22, 2022

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You may be developing your degree thesis, and you are looking to use the best tools in Word to integrate them into the work. Among the options to consider is the ability to add a page number in Word to give order to your document. You could create an index and indicate the topics of interest within the file so that the reader has a better experience analyzing your work.

The tool that will allow you to add a page number in Word will also be useful in the workplace if you are responsible for sending the manuscripts. In one way or another, you will take advantage of the tool, so you will have to learn to use it with these methods:

How to add a page number in Word on Windows?

The simplest way to learn how to add a page number in Word is by using your Windows computer. It is a very simple method where you will have to:

1. Open the document in Word to which you want to add page numbering.

2. Click on the insert tool. Look for Page number located in the header and footer box.

3. Select “page number”. It can be in the header, or you could add a page number in Word footer. You will also need to select the style of numbering on the page.

4. If you don't want page 1 listed, you can go to layout, and click on start at, and select the number that you want.

5. Verify that all the pages comply with the correct numbering and save the document.

How to add a page count in Word on Mac?

Another method to add a page number in word 2016 is from your Mac computer. For these steps, you will need to do the following:

1. Open the document you want to add a page number in Word to your Mac.

2. Click on Insert within the tool options, find Page number, and select it.

3. Choose the page number style and where each number will be placed. You can uncheck the show first-page number option if you want to ignore that numbering.

4. Accept the changes and save the document.

How to add a specific number of pages in Word?

In how to add a page number in Word online, you could also apply it to a specific page. In this way, you will be able to start the numbering from the correct page, which will allow you to have an impeccable job. You have to do the following:

1. To know how to add a page number in Word within a specific page, you will have to open the document.

2. Click on insert, select “page number” and apply the changes.

3. To specify which pages you want to have numbered, you must double-click on the header and search for link to the previous one within the tools. You'll need to override this default setting.

4. Now, you have to double click again on the header of the page to be listed, select insert, and enter several pages. This time you will be able to select the number and decide if you want Word to follow the numbering sequence.

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