How to Add a Row in Excel (Easy Steps)

July 21, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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If you find it hard to figure out how to insert a row into an excel table, you are in the right place! After going through this tutorial, it will be child's play. We are here to make sure you will be able to use excel in a quick and easy way. From time to time, we forget to enter or we just need to just add some data into an already prepared table. For situations like these, excel has a useful function of inserting an empty row or even multiple rows within a table. And here again, excel offers more than one solution. Now we are going to go through one only and it will be the easiest and the quickest one.

How to insert a row on excel online 2016 and 2019

1. Let's say we need to insert an extra row right below row 4.

2. Look at the vertical bar on the left, showing the row numbers and simply click on one row below number 4, row number 5.

3. Right click and select insert.

4. By clicking on insert, excel will add a row just below the row number 4.

How to insert multiple rows in excel

1. To utilise this approach, first open Microsoft Excel and create a spreadsheet.

2. Select the amount of rows you'd want to add to your spreadsheet. If you wish to add four additional rows to your spreadsheet, for example, pick four rows above which the new rows will be inserted.

3. Select Insert from the menu that appears when you right-click one of the chosen rows.

4. On your screen, there will be a little Insert box. Enable the Entire Row option in this box and click OK.

5. Excel will then add the required number of rows to your spreadsheet immediately.

How to insert cell in excel

When you insert blank cells, you can opt to move existing cells down or to the right to make room for them. Cell references are automatically adjusted to reflect the moved cells' position.

1. Choose the cell (or range of cells) to the right or above where you wish to add more cells.

2. Hold down CONTROL while clicking the chosen cells, then pick Insert from the pop-up menu.

3. Select whether the chosen cells should be shifted down or to the right of the newly inserted cells from the Insert menu.

When you shift cells left, this is what happens:

When you shift cells down, this is what happens:

Note: This was an attempt to show you how to add a row or multiple rows or cells in excel online, 2016 and 2019. This can also be used on Windows and Mac. You just need to download WPS Office, in order to have access to these software. WPS Premium is also available on WPS official website, so you can have access to WPS Office, including spreadsheet.

You just need to have a little understanding of how and which way things work and you are good to go. With having this basic knowledge or information of how to use it, you can also access and use different other options on excel or spreadsheet. Also, it is very similar to Word or Document. So, in a way, if you learn one thing, like Excel, you can automatically learn how to use Word as well because both of them are very similar in so many ways. If you want to know more about WPS Office, you can download WPS Office to access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint for free.