How to add a second axis in excel

August 5, 2022

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When you want to graphically represent your data in a more comprehensible way, the best thing to do is use excel charts. What is more interesting is that you can customize these excel charts with ease to suit your requirements. And one way to do this is by adding a second axis in excel charts.

But before we get to the procedure, let’s quickly evaluate why you need to add a second axis in excel. Suppose you have mixed data types, for instance sales and profit margin, how do you represent this on an excel chart? The best thing to do is represent one data series on a second axis.

How to use a second axis in excel

Using a second axis in excel gives you more flexibility when you want to visualize your data. It also enables you to represent multiple data series on one chart instead of using two different charts. This feature is more effective when you have two different data series that you want to compare but their measurement scales are different. For instance, you can’t compare the sales amount and sales margin on the same scale. So, in this case, the best possible way to compare your data is using a second axis.

Steps for adding a second axis in excel

If you want to use dual axes to represent your data, you should follow these steps:

1.Open the excel chart then click the data series you want to represent

2.Click Chart Tools

3.Select Change Chart Type

4.Click Combo then Cluster Column then Line on Secondary Axis

5.Choose Secondary Axis for your data series

6.On the drop-down menu select Line

7.Then Save

The second axis scale displays the values of the associated sales volume. As you can see, the second axis fits very well in a chart that has both a column and a line chart. This combination can quickly be accessed on the chart tools by changing the chart type to a combo.

How to remove a second axis in excel

Sometimes you might not like how the second axis appears on your chart, but this should not worry you. If you want to remove the second axis all you need to do is hit the delete button! So, how do you go about this? Click on the second axis, then click the delete key on your keyboard or right click then select delete. And just like that you can get rid on the second axis.

Final Word

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